(In no particular order)

Commissioner Description Progress WIP (click pic for closeup)
Serge Wolf

Serge character sheet.

Deviant Coyote Digital pic of Coon posing in front of a Blazer. Car sketching finished. Character inked.
Car inking 15% done.
YCats Two character buttons: One for YCats, One for Roo. Digital. Completed.
Buck Hopper Full color, digital commission of B-Hop's SHOT from FBA Finals, Game 5 (2009). Not started  
Aelia Wyndsong

Digital coloring of one character (Mousie) on white background, plus a badge made from that pic.


Seth Triggs Sami in any outfit. Digital, one character, no background. Completed.
Seth Triggs Two characters, Digital, no background. Completed.

Traditional media: forest scene, fighting an opponent, make a badge and button from it.

Main character penciled.
Background elements sketched.
Canius Digital full color pic. Skunkgirl posing on bed nude. Not started  
Pitiful Writer Digital coloring of one character (PW reading) with simple nature background. Not started  
Red Fox Surprise Badge (traditional) Not started  
1. Paul Shepherd 1
2. Paul Shepherd 2
3. LazyRayFinkle
4. Bucktown Tiger
5. Bucktown Tiger
6. GildedTongue
7. Mish Meerkat
8. Pitiful Writer
9. B-Hop (JT)
10. B-Hop (KY)
11. B-Hop (AB)
12. B-Hop (GE)
13. B-Hop (BM)
14. B-Hop (DK)
15. Darren-Z (IE)
16. Darren-Z (WY)
17. Darren-Z (Pride)
18. Darren-Z (VW)
19. Knaaks
20. AlaskaWolf
21. Zielvos 1
22. Zielvos 2
23. SlyKnuxDragon
24. LazyRayFinkle-2
25. LRFinkle-revised
26. Farallon (JH)
27. Blue Hayze
28. C-Cat (JF)
29. Ferramin
30. Tobu (KB)
31. Azara
32. Balto (LS)
33. C-Cat (NB)
34. W. Brown
35. Rosenbaum
36. Tevetoglu
37. Tobu (DVS)
38. Koda
39. La Tiérra
40. C-Cat (BB)
41. Nacht
42. Vance (GJP)
43. Paul Shepherd
44. Paul Shep (FJ)
45. B-Hop (BM/R)
46. B-Hop (DK/M)
47. B-Hop (BN/T)
Blue Hayze
Buck Hopper
Paul Shepherd
Giz Giz


Other Music Stuff:

  • Writing songs for band. - (ongoing...slowly...)
  • Learn songs to play in suit. (Songs for videos?)
  • Furry songs? - (one day...)
Videos to Make - Fursuit Videos
Video Progress
"Longview" Video Filming Completed. Editing Not Started.
Basketball Video Filming Completed. Editing Not Started.

Other Random Videos:

  • JT FWA Rock Band 1 - Uploaded.
  • JT FWA Rock Band 2 - Uploaded.
  • Kata'lina Dancing - filmed/need to edit.
  • JT 'Clippers' video clip - Uploaded.
  • JT Wendy's - need to cut for time & upload.
  • "The Comical Misadventures of Kicked-In-Nuts Man" - need to cut & upload.
  • "The Angry Chef" - need to cut & upload.
  • Blue Hayze Video - some filmed. still filming parts.
  • Kata'lina Video - some filmed. still filming parts.
  • NBA2K Video - gotta edit.
  • Update Professional Demo Reel and Website.

Other Random Stuff:

  • B-Hop's FBA League
    Creating Players and Filling Rosters - Complete
    2009 FBA Rookie Report & player avatars- Done & Done!
    2009 FBA Draft Flash Page - Finished enough
    Stats and Team Notes - In Progress. [teams to do: SFW, GAL, ALK, other teams optional]
    Team Logos - Progressing Slowly... [GAL, SFW, DAK, LOR, ALK, other teams optional (MON), (GAL-new!) , BFD, HNT, HNT '61-'84', PLY, ALB, SPO...]
    Regular Season Boxscores - In Progress
    Bantams trade picture - Done
    Sand Dollars pic - JT/Lancaster - sketching started
    B-Hop/Onca Clawing pic - Sketched
    FBA Playoff First Round Matchup Pics - Completed
    1985 Howler's Championship Ring story - Not started
    2010 Rookie Report and Prospect pics - Done.
    2010 Draft Flash Page - Needs to be updated