Projected First Round Picks
TOP 2 G Vera La Tiérra Red Vixen 6'3" 175 lbs Cabo Rojo, PR
TOP 2 F Kenny Henderson Raccoon 6'10" 235 lbs Las Vegas, NV
TOP 8 G Paul Shepherd German Shepherd 5'10" 190 lbs Hamburg, Germany
TOP 8 C/F Wescot Yobia Binturong (Bearcat) 6'11" 245 lbs Belmont, MA
TOP 8 G Ezra Rosenbaum Lioness 6'0" 170 lbs Tel Aviv, Israel
TOP 8 G Krystal Bunny Rabbit 5'4" 145 lbs Lapine State University
TOP 8 C Mark Ferramin Ferret 7'6" 231 lbs Albuquerque, NM
TOP 8 G Bailey Brisbane Catahoula Leopard Hound 6'5" 215 lbs Putnam, CT
TOP 16 G/F Ione Estrada Chameleon 6'7" 228 lbs Portland, ME
TOP 16 G Wendy Brown Saber-Toothed Tiger 5'7" 167 lbs Jamestown, TN
TOP 16 F Blanc Mange White Wolf 6'10" 250 lbs Mont-Saint-Michel, France
TOP 16 G Devon Kellendyne Cacomistle (Ringtail) 5'11" 180 lbs Mountain View, CA
TOP 16 F/C Serhan Tevetoğlu Turkish Angora Cat 7'1" 190 lbs Malatya, Turkey
TOP 16 G Gilbert Exen Anole (Lizard) 6'2" 180 lbs Savannah, GA
TOP 16 C Joshua Koda White Tiger 7'2" 220 lbs Augusta, ME
TOP 16 G Ana Azara Snow Leopard 6'5" 187 lbs Juneau, AK
TOP 24 G Leo Seppala WolfDog 6'7" 165 lbs Nome, AK
TOP 24 C Jack Hinks Landseer Dog 7'2" 260 lbs Carbonear, NL
TOP 24 F Nicky Brown Cockatoo 6'8" 208 lbs Quincy, MA
TOP 24 G Fritz Jansen Paint Horse 6'4" 234 lbs Dresden, Germany
TOP 24 F Jarrod Frola Cat 6'7" 250 lbs Medford, MA
TOP 24 G Blythe Nacht Red fox (Silver Phase) 6'3" 195 lbs Nebraska City, NE
TOP 24 F Gerrit-Jan Pretorius Lion 6'9" 255 lbs Hartbeesfontein, South Africa
TOP 24 C Dirk Von Stryker German Giant Rabbit 7'2" 265 lbs Lapine State University
ON THE CUSP: Aragon Fisher (G - 5'11" - Otter ), Damien Nathaniel (F - 6'10 " - Hyena), Ricky Beltran (F - 6'8" - Rabbit), Uma Tapia (F/C - 6'11" - Stellar Sea Lion), Doug Day (C - 7'4" - Golden Retriever), Alex Merced (G - 5'9" - Lynx), Dan Ira (F - 6'9" - Armadillo ), Okeya Dickinson (G - 6'0" - Cat), Kortni Whitelatch (F - 6'7" - Border Collie ), Archi Redd (C - 7'2 " - Tibetan Terrier).
Team Draft Order
1 Williamsburg Minutemen [WIL]
2 Des Moines Blanks [DES] (via SAS)
3 Montana Howlers [MON] (via HNT via TEN)
4 Kansas City Clefs [KCC]
5 Santa Ana Spectrums [SAS] (via IDA)
6 Alaska Arctics [ALK] (via PIT)
7 Bradford Bantams [BDF]
8 Alaska Arctics [ALK]
9 Idaho Mounties [IDA] (via DES)
10 Albany Alphas [ALB]
11 Rocky Mountain Royals [RMR]
12 Huntsville Mayors [HNT] (via TAL)
13 Galveston Sand Dollars [GAL]
14 Biloxi Mudpuppies [BLX]
15 Spokane Rapids [SPO]
16 Galveston Sand Dollars [GAL] (via BAL)
17 Newark Pride [NWK]
18 Santa Fe Whips [SFW]
19 Lorain Firestorm [LOR]
20 Huntsville Mayors [HNT] (via MON)
21 Dakota Bikers [DAK]
22 Plymouth Taproots [PLY]
23 Pittsburgh Keystones [PIT] (via MON, HNT)
24 Stanislaus Thrust [STA]
2ND ROUND: 25-WIL, 26-TEN, 27-SPG, 28-GAL (via SAS), 29-IDA, 30-KCC, 31-ALK, 32-BDF, 33-DES, 34-ALB,
35-RMR, 36-TAL, 37-BAL (via GAL), 38-BLX, 39-BAL (via SPO), 40-BAL, 41-NWK, 42-SFW, 43-LOR, 44-SAS (via MON), 45-DAK, 46-PLY, 47-MON (via HNT), 48-STA

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
Rebounds Per Game
Assists Per Game
Steals Per Game
Blocks Per Game
3 Point Percentage
V. La Tiérra 25.1 M. Ferramin 14.1 K. Bunny 10.7 I. Estrada 3.3 M. Ferramin 4.7 J. Vilata 50%
S. Tevetoğlu 24.6 J. Koda 12.8 E. Rosenbaum 8.8 V. La Tiérra 3.2 I. Hertegurd 4.2 A. Azara 48%
P. Shepherd 22.4 W. Yobia 12.4 V. La Tiérra 8.5 D. Kellendyne 2.8 J. Koda 3.6 S. Tevetoğlu 47%
B. Brisbane 21.8 N. Xamseb 10.6 W. Brown 7.9 W. Brown 2.6 W. Yobia 3.1 B. Nacht 47%
E. Rosenbaum 20.5 D. Ira 9.8 K. Henderson 7.8 C. Moerke 2.5 N. Xamseb 2.8 G. Exen 46%
G. Exen 20.4 D. Von Stryker 9.5 A. Fisher 7.2 F. Jansen 2.3 F. Jansen 2.7 L. Seppala 44%
K. Henderson 20.1 B. Mange 9.1 D. Kellendyne 6.8 L. Seppala 2.3 I. Estrada 2.6 K. Bunny 42%
B. Nacht 19.9 K. Henderson 8.5 P. Shepherd 6.4 O. Gala 2.2 V. La Tiérra 2.4 D. Nathaniel 42%
W. Yobia 19.3 D. Day 8.4 A. Merced 5.8 E. Rosenbaum 2.1 D. Von Stryker 2.2 A. Merced 41%
N. Brown 19.1 J.Hinks/F.Jansen 8.3 A. Azara 5.5 G.Exen/K.Bunny 1.9 J. Hinks/D. Day 2.1 La Tiérra/Fisher 40%
Draft Details (Top 88 Players)
1st Round
Entire Draft
Canidae- (dogs, foxes, wolves) 7 (3 dogs, 2 foxes, 1 wolf, 1 wolfdog) 19 (10 dogs, 4 wolves, 3 foxes, 1 jackal, 1 wolf-dog)
Felidae-(big cats, domestic cats)
7 (2 lions, 2 cats, 2 tigers, 1 snow leopard) 19 (4 cats, 5 tigers, 4 lions, 2 cougars, 2 lynxes, 1 panther, 1 snow leopard )
Ungulates (hoofed animals) 1 (1 horse) 10 (2 deer, 1 goat, 1 horse, 1 bison, 1 sow, 1 moose, 1 giraffe, 1 bull, 1 donkey)
Rodentia- (rodents) 0 5 (1 beaver, 1 chinchilla, 2 squirrels, 1 jerboa)
Lagomorpha (rabbits/hares) 2 (2 rabbits) 6 (5 rabbits, 1 hare)
Reptilia- (reptiles, dragons) 2 (1 chameleon, 1 anole) 5 (3 dragons, 1 chameleon, 1 anole)
Mustelidea (weasels, ferrets, otters, minks, badgers) 1 (1 ferret) 3 (2 ferrets, 1 otter)
Procyonidae (raccoons, kinkajous, cacomistles) 2 (1 raccoon, 1 cacomistle) 4 (3 raccoon, 1 cacomistle)
Avian (birds) 1 (cockatoo) 4 (1 peacock, 1 falcon, 1 cockatoo, 1 mallard)
Elephantidae (elephants) 0 3 (3 elephants)
Viverridae (genets, civets, binterongs) 1 (binturong) 2 (1 binturong, 1 genet)
Herpestidae (mongoose, meerkats) 0 1 (1 mongoose)
Primates (monkeys, lemurs, apes) 0 2 (1 lemur, 1 macaque monkey)
Hyaenidae (hyenas) 0 1 (1 hyena)
Marsupial (pouched animals) 0 1 (1 opposum)
Xenarthra (armadillos, anteaters, sloths) 0 1 (1 armadillo)
Sea Mammals (seals, sea lions) 0 1 (1 sea lion)
Arachnid (spider) 0 1 (1 jumping spider)
Ursidae (bears) 0 0
Mephitidae (skunks) 0 0
Amphibian (frogs, toads, newts) 0 0
1st Round
Entire Draft
N. America 18 62
Europe 3 14
Asia 2 7
Africa 1 3
S. America 0 1
Australia 0 1
Antarctica 0 0
USA 16 53
International 8 35
1st Round
Entire Draft
1st Round
Entire Draft

Vera La Tiérra - Guard
Kenny Henderson - Forward
Species - Red Vixen Nickname - Acróbata Species - Raccoon Nickname-SlyKnux/SK4/The Realist
Gender - Female Height - 6'3" Gender - Male Height - 6'10"
Birthplace - Cabo Rojo, PR Weight - 175 lbs Birthplace - Las Vegas, NV Weight - 235 lbs
2009-2010 College Stats
48% 80% 41% 25.1 5.5 8.5 3.2 2.4 3.1
2009-2010 College Stats
50% 83% 33% 20.1 8.5 7.8 1.8 1.8 2.4
Projected: TOP 2

With a nickname that translates into 'Acrobat', this Hispanic sensation has taken the basketball court and the entire country of Puerto Rico by storm... and stolen most of their hearts, as she has appeared in Latin community magazine "Criatura" (critter)'s Top 30 sexiest athletes list for the last 3 years (since turning of age 18... Rank 8 is her highest showing). However, she hasn't just garnered national attention for her looks. She earned the attention with a skill set so unique to the game of basketball, that coaches are not sure how to stop her.

Nicknamed "Acróbata" because of her hanging, acrobatic shots in the paint, she is blessed with elite athleticism and a keen knowledge of the game. A wonder on the offensive and defensive ends, she holds the school records for 3 pointers, assists, steals, and blocks (for a guard) in a season, which, when combined with her highlight reel moves around defenders and those jaw-dropping, leaning, twirling, fading layups, is an accomplishment to behold.

Her only real weakness is she has the tendency to showboat and occasionally tries to win the game all by herself. She has the talent for it, but she needs a coach that will emphasize the team aspect of the game. Her assist stats will tell you she knows how to share the ball, but she needs to be reminded of it sometimes. That and her ego will sometimes lead her to try and "match" opponents play for play, which again, coaching will help, as she is a very coachable player for the most part. She tends to get excited if she hits a good shot and will come down the court next time and fire a more difficult shot to see if she's still hot, which can lead to overall poor shot selection (although she still boasts a 48% FG percentage). She's at her best when she's playing team driven ball and is focused on taking good shots and making good decisions with the ball. But she's still a hell of a cover 1 on 1 though, and giving her the ball and telling her to "make something happen" is still not that bad of a coaching strategy.

The Puerto Rican basketball league is practically on their knees to keep her playing there, but she has made the decision to declare for the FBA Draft and follow her dream to ball with the highest level of competition in the world. And with her level of skill, quickness, agility, and good looks, she is bound to make a great impact on the league the second she joins. Though keeping the swooning fanboys away might be even harder to stop than her drives to the basket.

Projected: TOP 2

Kenny may have a forward's body, but he plays more like a guard. He's fast and agile enough to keep up with (and get past) most 2 guards and a few point guards. He has excellent ball handling and passing abilities for his size and is more than capable of getting his own shot.

His passing and ball handling skills really set him above most forwards, as he could easily perform point guard duties, maybe even better than many point guards. He is a good floor leader and can read defenses very well, giving him the ability to find the open man. He even thrives on double teams and uses them to his advantage. He's got the pick and roll down, operating as the pick-setter or the ball-handler, which adds tons of options to the coach's playbook.

Kenny also is an above average dunker, though he is a pretty streaky rebounder. His numbers are good, but he is inconsistent on the glass, so a bigger man might be able to keep him away from the boards. However, he will still use his speed and basketball IQ to figure out where to best position himself for the rebound. He's very useful in a fast pace offense as well, and will play the role of the dunker or the distributor on a well placed alley-oop.

As far as defense goes, he is decent, though not spectacular. He's an average one-on-one defender, but his length greatly helps against guards on the perimeter, as his speed does allow him to keep up with them. He reads opponents well and doesn't fall for many fakes. He tends to get a few blocks by either making his opponent think he isn't going to jump at their shot and then launching up to swat down their shot, and by chasing down players who think they're about to get an easy lay-up on the fast break, swatting their attempts into the stands. He also plays passing lanes well and does get a good number of steals that way. He's not particularly meaty, so guarding bulky power forwards in the post may pose a problem for him.

Kenny also has a reliable mid-range jumper and is 80% free throw shooter. He's not reliable from 3pt range but is improving slowly. Not much of a post game either, preferring to face the basket than back down, though his up and under move is quite useful. He tends to take silly chances on D and sometimes forgets about the backdoor cutter, but will easily adjust and improve in that category as well as others with some good, direct coaching.

Strengths: Superb at Both Ends, Sees Court Well, Very Fast and Agile.

Strengths: Great Ball-Handler & Passer, Gets His Own Shot, Fast & Long.

Weaknesses: Bit of a Showoff, Tries to Do Too Much, Risky Shot Selection.. Weaknesses: Streaky Rebounder, Not Good From Range, Gambles on D.
Likely Destinations: Minutemen, Blanks, Howlers Likely Destinations: Blanks, Howlers, Minutemen
Paul Shepherd - Guard
Wescot Yobia - Center/Forward Ezra Rosenbaum - Guard
Species - German Shepherd Species - Binturong (Bearcat) Species - Lioness
Nickname - P-Dog Nickname - Widescreen Nickname - Shalom
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Herm
Height - 5'10" Height - 6'11 " Height - 6'0"
Weight - 190 lbs Weight - 245 lbs Weight - 170 lbs
Birthplace - Hamburg, Germany Birthplace - Belmont, MA Birthplace - Tel Aviv, Israel
2009-2010 College Stats
54% 94% 21% 21.4 7.7 6.4 1.7 0.7 2.1
2009-2010 College Stats
52% 74% 0% 19.3 12.4 3.6 0.9 3.1 3.8
2009-2010 College Stats
43% 84% 35% 20.5 3.3 8.8 2.1 1.0 3.2

Projected: TOP 8

Being the son of parents from the former German Democratic Republic, Paul originates from hard-working people, and he shows his hard working attitude on the court. Discovered by a scout at age 16, his level of talent was a rare find, and he was offered a spot with the Hamburg Sea Devils, which he gladly took. It was there that Paul's stature as a top class player really took off.

Paul’s talent was noted by national newspapers and magazines as the Sea Devils were promoted from Division III into the Bundesliga (the highest ranking league in Germany), to everyone’s surprise. German critics and journalists portrayed Paul as the next big player from his country, and it was believed he had the potential to make it big anywhere he chose. His drive, attitude, and most importantly, his game affirmed this notion.

For three years, P-Dog led the German league in shot accuracy, shooting 54% from the field and a near perfect 94% from the line. He never won the German league championship with the Sea Devils, but he made himself known as a great player throughout his country and beyond, and he attracted a multitude of American scouts to try and woo him into the FBA Draft.

His strengths lie in his outstanding team play, and his passing and rebounding for his size are quite impressive, especially at the offensive end. His 7.7 rebounds a game were tops in his league at his position. Being a point guard, he is great at finding the open man and putting them in a position to score. Shepherd also has a good shooting touch, and although he struggles to shoot beyond 20 feet, he stays within his limitations and succeeds there. He can get to the hoop whenever he wants, which usually ends up with a layup around/over a big guy or kicking the ball out to an open shooter. His ability to finish near the near, even at 5'10", is among the best out of the guards available. Paul has no fear when he drives to the basket, and if a defender lays back off of him to prevent the drive, he will pop the J in their eye in a heartbeat.

He plays very rough, but is also a very fair competitor. Absolutely fearless on the court, Paul does what it takes to win, be it diving on the court for a loose ball or yelling out instructions to his teammates in mid action. He does need to work on his anger issues though, as it can easily take him out of his game if it boils over. If he can get that under control, there is little about his game to dislike. Shepherd will provide spectacular shooting, passing and rebounding and will help stabilize any team's backcourt with smarts and leadership.

Projected: TOP 8

Wescot hails from the prestigious Underwood College, which right there makes him worth a look. But given the fact that he's been called "One of the finest centers to have ever played at U-Dub", you know this guy has the potential to be something really special. And it's pretty obvious he knows it as well.

Wescot is one of few centers in the draft that is great defensively without being a specialist.  His 12.4 rebounds and 3.1 blocks a game is very impressive, but when you add in nearly 20 points a game, and on your typically stacked U-Dub roster, it takes his value even further. At a shade under 7 feet, 250 lbs, Wescot has the size to bang down low, but he also is one of the rare big men gifted with terrific ball-handling skills and excellent footwork, which makes him almost impossible to stop on the block. Finesse and heady moves and tricks are definitely his game on offense, as even the most defensively aware pros will have trouble determining what he's going to do next. And even if they know what he's going to do, stopping him is a completely different story. He's even got a nice 15 foot jumper off the pick-and-pop, which can make him even harder to defend, and a developing "tailhook" shot that is sure to befuddle opponents once he is able to perfect it.

He's also a very flashy player, which is a gift and a curse. He will bring the house down with a thunderous dunk over his defender or even drop a behind-the-back pass to a cutting guard on the baseline, and he obviously loves making the crowd 'ooh' and 'ahh'. But often times it can get out of hand. He has been known to dribble with his tail and even put on little shows where he pretends to play defense against himself while his tail dribbles. While fans adore lovable goofballs in the league, there is a time for joking and a time to get serious. His antics will certainly be well appreciated in future All-Star games, but during real games, he needs to mature and take the game seriously, even more so when his showing off leads to senseless turnovers, which it often does.

Defensively, he is one of the best bigs available as well, nevermind what he contributes offensively. He grabs the 3rd most rebounds a game and blocks the 4th most shots a game in all of this year's draft class, so he will have no trouble protecting the paint in the pros. Combining that with his offensive talents, passing and ball-handling skills, and great speed and footwork at his position, you're looking at the full package and a can't-miss center who will be a star for years to come. Just as long as he learns when to be serious and do his job right, he'll be fine.

Projected: TOP 8

Ezra was born in the large Israeli city of Tel Aviv and raised as 100% female. The fact that shi is herm was kept a very close secret by hir parents (hir brothers and sister didn't even know shi was herm) until shi was 16, when shi got tired of being told shi couldn't compete with the guys in hir high school gym class because shi was too girly. Ezra of course retorted with something loosely translated in Hebrew as "I may look like a girl but I bet my d**k is bigger than all of yours."

Not too long after that, Ezra was shipping overseas to the US to finish high school and live with an estranged uncle in New York City, where she honed her game on the city courts living in a predominantly Jewish part of town. Hir gender identity didn't stay a secret long, as shi went into the boy's locker room after hir first practice with the high school basketball team (which was co-ed) and undressed completely in front of a dozen astonished faces while slyly purring "You boys got a problem?" From then on, hir stature as "one of the boys" was secure.

As if it were ever questioned before. Ezra was one of the better ballers in the city, and was scouted to play for NYU. She started her freshman season, averaging 17 points, 8 assists and 2 steals, and improving the next year. No one has ever questioned hir place among the "big boys" (on the court or in the locker room) and nobody is predicting the FBA will be any different.

As far as game goes, Ezra is mainly a slashing player that can get to the rim at will. Shi gets to the line quite a bit also, almost 10 times a game! Shi doesn't shoot the 3-ball much, but shi is decent at it when shi does. Ezra is quite strong, athletic and a superb passer, dishing on the drive and in traffic well. Shi plays the passing lanes on defense and is a very capable defender. Shi uses hir ability to read plays before they happen to rack up on steals, assists, and sometimes blocks, since shi does possess a fair amount of hops.

Shi's also got the hops to throw down a nasty dunk on some other "big boy" if they judge hir by hir feminine exterior and decide to go easy on hir. Assumed gentleness is one of Ezra's biggest peeves, and shi takes every chance to prove shi's got the "goods" to compete in a male dominated league. Ezra is an extremely fiery and passionate player, and shi always seems to have a chip on hir shoulder during games, never backing down from a challenge. Ezra can get a hot head, and needs a strong coach to keep hir in check and playing calmly. Hir jump shot needs a little work as well, as it's a bit inconsistent.

Strengths: Outstanding Inside Shooter, Great Passer and Leader, Excellent Rebounder For His Size. Strengths: A Beast on Offense & Defense, Outstanding Footwork & Passing, Rebounding Machine. Strengths: Superb Slasher & Scorer, Extremely Skilled Passer, Great On-Ball and Off-Ball Defender.
Weaknesses: Can't Shoot From Deep, Anger Issues Take Him Out of His Game, Not Super Athletic. Weaknesses: Lacks Maturity, Prone to Bad Decisions & Turnovers, Tries To Be Too Flashy At Times. Weaknesses: Can Get a Little Too Fired Up, Jumpshot Lacks Consistency, Takes Challenges Personally.
Likely Destinations: Howlers, Clefs, Blanks Likely Destinations: Clefs, Spectrums, Arctics Likely Destinations: Spectrums, Arctics, Bantams
Krystal Bunny - Guard
Mark Ferramin - Center Bailey Brisbane - Guard
Species - Rabbit Species - Ferret Species - Catahoula Leopard Hound
Nickname - Tobu Nickname - Force Field Nickname - Pops
Gender - Female Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 5'4" Height - 7'6" Height - 6'5"
Weight - 145 lbs Weight - 231 lbs Weight - 215 lbs
College - Lapine State University Birthplace - Albuquerque, NM Birthplace - Putnam, CT
2009-2010 College Stats
49% 87% 42% 17.6 2.4 10.7 1.8 0.4 2.5
2009-2010 College Stats
54% 54% 0% 9.7 14.1 0.8 0.5 4.7 2.0
2009-2010 College Stats
47% 81% 34% 21.8 4.5 5.2 1.2 0.5 1.7

Projected: TOP 8

Krystal Bunny (otherwise known as "Tobu") is not just the tiniest (and probably cutest) draft prospect available. She earns her Top 8 status by being the best passing player available in the entire draft. She leads the second highest assister by 2 whole assists per game! And her high-octane playing style is sure to excite coaches and fans alike!

Krystal plays well in a run and gun offensive style. Her court vision is excellent and she can find her teammates on a fast break, in traffic, cutting backdoor or spotting up for an open three. Her passing and playmaking really helps make her teammates better and keeps her team operating quickly and efficiently. She's also quite crafty and is probably one of the fastest players available in the draft. Her speed and size make her extremely hard to keep in front of, and she finds holes in the defense and squeezes through them with ease.

She also can shoot the rock, and that keeps defenses honest. Defenders shouldn't just leave her open and rush to guard her teammates, because if she doesn't have the right pass open, she will can the jumpshot, be it a runner, leaning to the side, fading away, or even from beyond the arc. Krystal boasts a 42% three point shooting average, and she is very close to averaging 50-40-90 (FG-3PT-FT) which would put her in rare, elite company.

Obviously, her size can be a disadvantage as well. She's not the best defender, simply because she has no way to stop opponents that are almost a foot taller and 60+ lbs heavier than her. She can use her quickness to stay in front of opponents and keep them from entering the lane, but she is easily outmuscled. She has quick paws that can swipe a few steals, mainly from opponents who are so much taller than her and look straight over her head. Forget about blocked shots though, as despite being a bunny, she doesn't exactly sky. She might jump out from behind you to block the shot before you go up though, just because she's very sneaky like that.

But none of that is too important, because she brings a possible game changing quality to the court with her ability to lead, dictate the pace of the game, and find teammates, delivering the ball to them wherever they need to be. Out of all the prospects, Krystal has the highest chance of being an elite pass-first point guard, and the team that drafts her should expect to see a good amount of improvement in the standings and on-the-court results. Her teammates will probably notice their stats getting slightly more padded as well, as she knows just how to put them in perfect positions to score or move the ball to someone who can. And she'll fill the seats in the arena too for good measure! (Fast-paced point guard + cute girl bunny = Win!)

Also, ask Buck Hopper or John Stoat who Krystal Bunny is, and they'll probably know who you're talking about (and always keep their gear in their lockers now).

Projected: TOP 8

It's hard to imagine Mark Ferramin as the type to dominate a basketball game. Obviously he's 7'6", but that's not a free pass to FBA stardom, as many others as tall and taller have had little success in the league. Plus, he is a scrawny, nerdish type (who wears thick, black rimmed glasses ala Weezer) and well, he's just flat out not that intimidating. Except to judge this book by its cover would be a big mistake.

It's hard to get a peep out of him on or off the court, as he is very shy and keeps to himself mostly. But this slinky ferret is a defensive powerhouse that protects the rim with great ferocity. In fact, he is the greatest defensive pillar available, leading the blocks and rebounds among draft prospects by a good margin. This mountain of mustelid is definitely a contender for Defensive Player of the Year every time he steps on the court, and those who feel emboldened to challenge him upon noticing his meek expression and big glasses had better rethink their decision to wander into the paint and try to score on him.

Not bogged down with the meatier frames of most centers 7 1/2 feet or taller, Ferramin is swift footed and fast, allowing him to do more than just plant himself by the rim and wait for opponents to drive into the paint. His strongest asset is his superb timing and his help defense, which often seems to come out of nowhere given the fact that he could be 10 feet away and out of the play one second when a player goes up for a shot and the next second he's flying through to block it. He doesn't fall for a lot of fakes, and he is also very good at getting his paws on basketballs while avoiding fouls, a talent that's often overlooked, but essential in today's game.

He plays with a lot of energy, but can get a bit timid when faced with more aggressive opposition, a "nice guy" factor he has to overcome. The greatest chance to beat him is to take him down low and bang up against him, as he is not a fan of a lot of physical contact and doesn't have the bulk to hold down stronger opponents. He's also been called "too polite" on the court at times and could use a nice "mean streak" (if you're pardon the oxymoron).

His shot isn't great, but it is improving, and he shows signs of being able to hit turnarounds and mid range jumpers from 17 feet a year or two in the future. Otherwise, he's not a go-to-guy on offense, and he won't razzle-dazzle anyone on offense with any fancy moves. He will get a good amount of put back dunks and lay-ups though, since he averages 8 offensive rebounds a game. And he's always easy to find for a quick oop-dunk.

Ferramin is already a superb defensive player and will hold down any team's fort quite well. But once he plays a couple years in the league and gets a feel for how big men play against him, gets in the weight room and adds a few pounds of muscle, and learns a few good post moves or improves his jumpshot, he might just be that franchise cornerstone center your team has been looking for.

Projected: TOP 8

Bailey Brisbane is a talented young pup who got his first taste of responsibility early in life, as his deadbeat father was kicked out of his life by his overprotective mother at the age of 5. Since then, Bailey has been the man of the house, and the man most in control of his own life. This history of responsibility has carried on into all aspects of his life of course, including onto the basketball court, where his talents have presented him with an exciting new avenue for success in his life.

Bailey is a born leader, and he absolutely demands respect out of all his teammates, no matter their age or experience. Of course he deserves it, with his smart, fundamentally sharpened skills and unbelievable work ethic, and he gets it too. Bailey was the star stand-out on a Underwood College team that featured the likes of Wescot Yobia and Jarrod Frola, among others. And to be considered the undisputed captain of that team over such a talented player as Yobia really speaks volumes about his character as a leader and as a player (as well as his maturity level, unlike Yobia).

Bailey is a serious young man with serious ambitions. A 4 year senior at U-Dub, he had the poise and the talent to get drafted to the FBA any of his 4 years in college. He even seriously considered a job offer to be a carpenter's apprentice, a job that would have offered him long term security and a decent starting salary. But Bailey decided that the FBA was a more lucrative job offer, and after being assured of his high draft status should he declare for the draft, he decided it was in his best interest to go for it.

That's the kind of attitude you will get from this kid. He's a no nonsense guy, well learned on fundamentals, watches hours of tape, a student of the game, and plays the game the right way. He's the Klaus Korber of 2010! He even goes to great lengths to bond with teammates on and off the court, and is an extremely likable guy. He's always encouraging and coaching other players, boosting their confidence, but he knows he has a lot to learn and will listen when spoken to.

But enough about what a fantastic leader he is, the rest of his game ain't bad either! Bailey knows how to score, with the 4th highest per game scoring average out of all available prospects. He has a solid if unspectacular game, relying on smart mid-range jumpers off of set picks, pick and rolls, finding holes in the defense and exploiting them for lay-ups, and picking high percentage shots. He also rebounds and passes pretty well, giving him a very well rounded game.

Defensively though, he's not all that and a bag of chips. Though he is a very capable defender and a hard worker, at this time man defense is not his strong suit. He's no pushover, but he won't wow you in the defensive categories. He's not the fastest or the most athletic player, but he is among one of the smartest, and he understands more than anyone what the word "team" is all about.

Strengths: Best Playmaker in the Draft, Excellent Shooter and Penetrater, Speedy and Crafty. Strengths: Elite Blocker and Rebounder, Quick and Agile For His Size, Great Timing and Energy Strengths: High Understanding of Fundamentals, Well Rounded Offensive Game, Outstanding Leadership.

Weaknesses: Lacks Size and Strength, Easily Overpowered, Rebounds and Blocks Non-Existent. Weaknesses: Dislikes Physical Play, Tends to Play Too Timidly, Not Many Moves on Offense. Weaknesses: 1-on-1 Defense Needs Work, Lacks Quickness and Agility, A Little Bit Predictable.
Likely Destinations: Spectrums, Bantams, Arctics Likely Destinations: Bantams, Arctics, Spectrums Likely Destinations: Arctics, Bantams, Mounties
Ione Estrada - Guard/Forward Wendy Brown - Guard Blanc Mange - Forward Devon Kellendyne - Guard
Species - Chameleon Species - Saber-Toothed Tiger Species - White Wolf Species - Cacomistle (Ringtail)
Nickname - Flyswatter Nickname - Fossil Nickname - Fantome/Ghost Nickname - DK, Double-Down
Gender - Female Gender - Female Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'7" Height - 5'7 " Height - 6'10" Height - 5'11"
Weight - 228 lbs Weight - 167 lbs Weight - 250 lbs Weight - 180 lbs
Birthplace - Portland, ME Birthplace - Jamestown, TN Birth: Mont-Saint-Michel, France Birthplace -Mountain View, CA
2009-2010 College Stats
41% 65% 0% 14.6 6.2 2.7 3.3 2.6 2.3
2009-2010 College Stats
45% 79% 25% 18.8 4.9 7.9 2.6 1.4 2.9
2009-2010 College Stats
46% 70% 20% 18.5 9.1 2.6 1.2 1.8 3.1
2009-2010 College Stats
49% 85% 21% 18.2 2.4 6.8 2.8 0.4 1.3

Projected: TOP 16

An unusual fit for a predominantly predator-based college team, Ione is used to overcoming adversity to get anywhere. Expectations could not have been close to high as the first and only reptile at Pack Territory University, a team filled with wolves, lions, panthers, and anything else that had teeth and claws. However, she's shown that she has more drive than others have skill time and time again.

A student of the game, specifically concerning her reptilian roots, she's studied and learned every trick in the book from every good reptilian baller in the league. She knows tongue swipes, tail lashes, sticky finger tricks, and anything else that has brought success to her predecessors. And not only does she know them, she's practically perfected them.

The result is what many scouts refer to as "Doral Jr. but with offense" Being a chameleon, Ione actually lacks the sticky fingers that plague the 2 time Defensive Playor of the Year. Yet she brings every bit as much fire, passion, and pride in her defensive abilities, all while not being incredibly limited offensively. Her percentages definitely could stand to improve, but she still can hit a medium range jumpshot, she can still get to the basket and finish, and she still got almost 15 points a game and more than 6 rebounds for a team full of snarling predators. That has to count for something. However, she does tend to lose the ball if she tries to showoff, which is why she sticks to the fundamentals more often than not.

But back to talking about her defense... She takes it as a personal challenge each and every game to stop the other team's best perimeter player. Almost all scouts agree that she is the best perimeter and one-on-one defensive specialist available, and her numbers prove it. 3.3 steals a game while also getting 2.6 blocks is fantastic, and her defensive awareness, energy, and hustle is off the charts. And despite being a reptile she has a strict regimen that has strengthened her legs to the point she’s got just about as much jump in her as some of the league’s best lapin players, giving her that ability to sky for blocks.

She's got an amazing work ethic and is always pushing herself to improve. She learns the game, improving her conditioning, her timing, and she learns what other players are going to do, what they like to do. She learns to predict their moves before even they know what they're going to do. That's why in a few years, she may be challenging Doral for that DPOY award at the rate she is going. She's seen adversity before, so I wouldn't count her out.

Projected: TOP 16

Sabre-toothed tigers were thought to be extinct long ago, but Wendy Brown is living proof that there are still a few resilient ones around today. Except in her case, just calling her "resilient" doesn't do this ferocious feline justice.

Raised in rural Tennessee, Wendy is adapt at hunting and has super sharp reflexes and predatory skills. In fact it's sometimes quite difficult for her to hold her temper in check, as she is pretty sure she could kick the butt of any FBA player past or present, and with her absolutely perfect, chiseled physique and immense strength, I wouldn't bet against her.

She is practically a tank set on a tiny, 5'7" frame, and can outmuscle anyone at her position. Her small stature and hunting background also makes her extremely quick, with powerful haunches that can launch her many feet into the air for rebounds and massive slam dunks on unsuspecting shot-blockers. Her finely-tuned instincts also allow her to see things on the court before they happen, and she can practically smell when there's a gap in the defense, making her one of the top assisting point guards in the draft.

She is a leader on the court and regardless of her possible rookie status, she will snarl and spit if players don't listen to what she has to say, which can make for possible clashing with other strong personalities and coaches. She has a dependable jumpshot, though she rarely shoots from 3, not because she can't make it, but because she'd rather needle her way into the lane for layups and to get to the line, which she does quite easily and often.

With the uncanny ability to see defenses in slow motion and react before they do, along with her unshakable confidence (or rather ego) she is excellent at setting up teammates, penetrating through and around defenders, and never faltering under pressure. Given her strength and explosiveness honed from her predatory upbringing, she is much more effective on the defensive end than one would think a player of her size should be, soaring for occasional blocks and pouncing out of passing lanes to snag steals.

She is a very quick learner, and though she's only been playing basketball for 7 years, she is a star in the making and the sky is the limit. Small in size, but gigantic in guts, drive and talent, Wendy is one firecracker you don't want to mess around with. She takes great pride in being one of few sabre-toothed tigers to still be around at all, much less the FBA, and she's not shy about reminding others why she's made it this far.

Projected: TOP 16

Blanc Mange is a very smart, crafty, hard-working player from France who is hoping to convince the league that Frenchies can ball too. There is no reason to argue that fact, as he has proven he's got the skills to shine in the Euro leagues. The big question is will his skills transition into the "Big League", the FBA?

Already possessing an impressive resume as a young, 20 year old draft hopeful, Blanc led his team, Asvel Basket, to the French League championship last year, all while averaging 18 points and 9 rebounds a game. He is smart beyond his years, as he already possesses a wide array (dare I say 'plethora'?) of low post moves, pivots, fakes, spins, hooks, shakes, fades, you name it. A very capable low post player who isn't afraid to sacrifice his body for the good of the team, he does a pretty good job of banging with the big boys, even if he has a weight or height disadvantage.

A cunning player, he knows how to use what he's got to hold his own down low. He did average 9.1 rebounds a game last year because he is great at getting position inside and boxing out defenders. He does all those little things that coaches love: box-out, set screens, play good defense, hustle for loose balls, step in front of charging players for offensive fouls, and do what he is told to do. A very capable defender, he can hold his own down low or step out to guard perimeter players on the pick and roll. He is fast for his size, and does a decent job staying with guards if he's caught in a switch.

Blanc has a shaky mid-range shot, though he is obviously improving. He can occasionally hit the 15 footer if he is left open, though that's a facet of his game that, if it improved, would give him many more scoring options. As of now, most of his damage on the offensive end is done down low, getting tips, put-backs, and short hooks and turnaround shots. He uses his high basketball IQ to outsmart his opponent down low, and his nice vertical leap and strong, wide build to overpower them when we is able. He does tend to get turnovers if he holds onto the ball too long, and his ball-handling and passing from the post could use a little work.

Most of all, he has a great basketball attitude. Give it your all, all the time. Do what your team needs you to do. Never back down, and never give up. These are the mottos this wolf has lived with to this point, so it stands to reason he will continue to. Whatever coach gets this hustling, hard-working, intelligent, loyal, team-oriented player is sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Projected: TOP 16

Though nowhere near one of the biggest guys on the court, Devon Kellendyne makes up for his size with quickness, both in body and mind. His basketball senses are outstanding and watching him play is like watching water run down a creek. He's so smooth and fluent with his actions on the court, and that is absolutely refreshing!

DK's personal life wasn't always as smooth as his game though. Although originally from the very liberal Bay Area, Kellendyne's freshman year was spent at a school in the much more conservative San Bernardino County, and his year there was marred by a campus scandal alleging his homosexuality. Hindered by the distractions and growing tired of the negativity over what would normally be considered a non-issue and no one else's business, he transferred away after the Spring of his first year, and his personal life has since then escaped any notice or attention. But that didn't stop his game from bringing him attention, and all the right kinds at that.

Kellendyne is quick and wiry, and uses that to his advantage. When necessary, he also likes to use his very long, ringed tail as a distraction, moving it back and forth in quick, sinuous motions in order to make it hard for defenders to keep an eye on the ball as he keeps it down low. As if he needed any help being hard to guard. His ball-handling skills are some of the best this draft class has to offer, and he could make many "And-1" street ballers drop their jaws in disbelief at what he can do with a basketball. Oh, and he doesn't turn the ball over much either, a great trait to have in a point guard, which makes potential coaches drool.

In addition to his dribbling skills, Devon is an excellent passer, setting up his teammates for easy buckets, be it in transition, alley-oops, or open shots. His passes are smart and on the money, though he does add a bit of dazzle to them every now and then. He also is one of the better ball thieves in the draft, racking up nearly 3 steals a game, which is good for 3rd overall in this draft class. He plays passing lanes very well, jumping out to snag cross court or lazy passes, and his fast paws (and tail) poke away their fair share of balls as well. Though he does gambles for these steals far too often, leaving his teammates to pick up the defensive slack.

Though he converts layups well at the basket and is a dependable shooter inside of 20 feet, DK really needs to learn to expand his range. Defenders leave him open on the perimeter daring him to shoot the long shot, and he has yet to really make them pay for it. Bulking up a bit might help him in his drives to the lane too.

Strengths: Best Perimeter D in the Draft, Great Work Ethic, Superb Timing & Hops. Strengths: Gets To The Cup At Will, Skilled Passer, Strong Defense Despite Size. Strengths: Wide Array of Low Post Moves, Strong Rebounder, Hard-Working & Smart. Strengths: Terrific Ball-Handler & Passer, Great Ball Thief, Doesn't Turn Ball Over.
Weaknesses: Not the Best Shooter, Restricted to Fundamentals, Needs To Bulk Up A Bit. Weaknesses: Very Short, Average Shooter At Best, Alpha Personality May Clash w/ Others. Weaknesses: Lacks Outside Game, Ball-Handling Needs Work, Passing From Post. Weaknesses: Not Very Strong, Poor Shooter Past 20 Feet, Gambles Too Much on Defense.
Likely Destinations: Mounties Arctics Alphas Likely Destinations: Alphas Royals Mounties Likely Destinations: Royals, 'Phoons, Alphas Likely Destinations: 'Phoons, Royals, MPups
Serhan Tevetoğlu -Forward/Center Gilbert Exen - Guard
Joshua Koda - Center
Ana Azara - Guard
Species - Turkish Angora Cat Species - Anole (Lizard) Species - White Tiger Species - Snow Leopard
Nickname - Serhi, Young Turk Nickname - Gex Nickname - The Artist Nickname - Ice Queen
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Female
Height - 7'1" Height - 6'2" Height - 7'2" Height - 6'5"
Weight - 190 lbs Weight - 180 lbs Weight - 220 lbs Weight - 187 lbs
Birthplace - Malatya, Turkey Birthplace - Savannah, GA Birthplace - Augusta, ME Birthplace - Juneau, AK
2009-2010 College Stats
52% 90% 47% 24.6 3.5 3.2 0.6 1.2 2.6
2009-2010 College Stats
48% 87% 46% 20.4 4.2 3.2 1.9 0.6 3.1
2009-2010 College Stats
50% 78% 15% 12.1 12.8 1.4 0.3 3.6 2.9
2009-2010 College Stats
45% 92% 48% 18.1 4.2 5.5 1.4 0.6 1.6

Projected: TOP 16

Serhi Tevetoğlu is one unique player. He has been playing in Euro Furry Basketball Leagues professionally since the age of 14, and he is going to turn 18 about a month before the draft. Yet even at such a young age, he is a 4 year pro overseas and he carries himself as if he were much older, giving him a level of experience few players at his age can relate to.

Coerced into playing basketball at an early age due to being so tall for his age and having a basketball crazy father (who coached college ball in Turkey), he is a natural born scorer who has been putting balls in hoops since he could walk. He does so effortlessly today, as he has one of the smoothest, silkiest jumpshots for a big, or for anybody, in recent memory in Europe. His stroke has even brought up comparisons to a young, tall John Stoat, as has his silky white coat. Though unlike Stoat, he has one amber eye and one blue eye (no offense to the reigning FBA MVP. Get well soon, John.)

To make him an even more astonishing player, he was among the Top 10 in scoring in the Euros since he was 15 and has the 2nd highest point average in this year's draft, and the fact is that he has much room to develop. For starters, he needs to get his furry butt into the weight room stat, since he is a F/C due to height alone. He couldn't stop a flower from scoring in the post, he's so rail thin. But he can bother most SF's with his length, and can certainly shoot over any of them with ease. A clever coach would play him at PF on offense to spread the floor, but keep him out of the paint on defense if at all possible.

Serhi is a very heavy risk/reward player. Adding him to any roster instantly increases their offensive potency and spreads the floor, creating instant mismatches. However, he is equally bad on the defensive end, and his team must be prepared to constantly help him out there. Truthfully, he would be a much better pick if he had any defensive abilities (aside from the occasional blocked shot). His rebounding at his height leaves a lot to be desired as well, but one can only hope that adding (lots of) muscle will help him there. He's still very young, so there is plenty of time to bulk up, which he'll certainly be made to do.

With limitless range, a mind molded for scoring from all angles, and with youth and experience on his side (a rare combination), Tevetoğlu will blossom under a good coach and good veteran guidance. Just put some muscle on those bones before you send him into the post to guard a PF. And someone please teach him how to grab a rebound, please.

Projected: TOP 16

Gex is probably one of the most unique specimens in this year's draft class, particularly for his unorthodox shooting style. While all other furs shoot with either their right or left paw, with very few being able to occasionally develop a trick shot with another appendage, Exen is the only player in recent memory that primarily shoots with his tail, as that's how he taught himself. And even that wasn't developed until a few years ago.

At an early age, Exen established himself as a world-class traceur in the parkour discipline, having appeared in numerous videos worldwide freerunning through cities across America and Europe (hey, sticky fingers and the ability to literally crawl up walls makes it a lot easier). Basketball was a late discovery for the lizard, who virtually taught himself the entire sport, leading to his utterly unique tail shooting style. He can dribble and shoot effortlessly with his tail, hitting insane percentages from all over, especially at the line and from downtown.

His method works as almost entirely set shooting, as he doesn't like to jump when he shoots. Once airborne, he has no choice but to shoot with either hand, which due to his sticky lizard fingers, never leads to good results. His tail shooting works when he sets his feet, bounces the ball between his legs from the front to his waiting tail, which then whips the ball over his head and into the basket. Unusual for sure, and in a way it limits him in his shot selection, but it's very hard to stop once his tail has the ball. Tight, physical D can make his entry pass to his tail very difficult though.

His style in general is fast and fluid, and he is able to move the ball from hands to tail with ease, making him nearly impossible to rip. And if you think that his set shooting makes him unable to get his own shot, think again. It only takes about 0.4 seconds for him to set, pass to his tail and fire a shot. A quick step-back move usually creates the desired amount of space for him to fire away. However, his percentage is much higher when he shoots off of a crisp pass from a teammate instead of off the dribble. Also, inside the paint it gets much trickier, and he is at a big disadvantage.

The rest of his game, other than shooting and 3-pointers, is going to take some work. His passing and rebounding is average, but nothing special. His one-on-one defense is pretty good, as he uses his tail to poke the ball away extremely well. Though his lack of basketball IQ and formal training could make him a liability at times, he's obviously a very quick learner. And a shooting machine like him is always nice to have around.

Projected: TOP 16

Another example of why you can't judge a book by its cover, Koda is much more talented on the court than he would appear. Although granted, if Koda were a book it's anybody's guess what would be hidden within its mysterious pages. It's certain, however, to have an extremely colorful cover.

Koda is a bit, shall we say... different. Personality wise, he is extremely introverted, reclusive, and a bit of an outcast. On the outside, he has long, straight jet black hair down to nearly his waist, a few scattered facial piercings, and a unique way of... expressing himself, we'll call it.

Nicknamed "The Artist", Koda is commonly known to appear on the court with outlandish fur dye jobs, and the colors seem to change day by day, or whenever his whim fancies. He claims that he is "uncomfortable being an achromatic species" and prefers to express his voice through his fur rather than words. He's been red with blue stripes, yellow with black stripes, white with rainbow stripes, purple with pink stripes, green with multi-colored polka dots AROUND his stripes... you get the idea. The day he came in looking like a walking Jackson Pollock painting (with the paint splatters) is when he earned his nickname.

Although we could spend hours talking about Koda's eclectic personality and unusual looks, his basketball talent is what got him in this draft ranking in the first place. Koda is a defensive menace and a rebounding machine, pulling down almost 13 rebounds and blocking nearly 4 shots a game. He is quick, agile, and pesters anyone who comes into the lane, be it a driving guard or a posting up center. He's incredibly tough to shoot around or over, and even though he lacks the weight to hold big centers at bay, he isn't afraid to bang down low and does more than a good job of making centers work for their position.

His offense could use some work, but he's far from a liability. He catches and slams alley-oops with ease, gets up for put-backs and tip-dunks, and has a few trusty spin moves down low. His hook shot is pretty nice inside of 8 feet, but his jumpshot could stand to improve. He's great at picks, screens, and providing tons of hustle and energy. Despite his nature, he always does what the coach asks of him and plays team ball. And he's pretty much a sure-fire fan favorite wherever he lands.

Also worth noting is that in his spare time, he enjoys painting, playing guitar and listening to punk rock cds, much like another tiger drafted recently to a team now picking about this time.

Projected: TOP 16

Blessed with looks to kill and a jumpshot just as lethal, Ana Azara hails from the icy depths of Alaska, where she formed a scoring tandem at the University of Anchorage with wolfdog guard Leo Seppala (who's right with her in the projected draft order). However, there isn't much that's cold about her game, as this frosty feline can get hot in a hurry on the court.

She's nicknamed "Ice Queen " for her poise under pressure and ability to hit cold-blooded shots late in games, along with the obvious reasons of being a female snow leopard from Alaska (which gets her compared to Kasa Yalenchka a lot, though Ana admits her biggest inspiration (and schoolgirl crush) was Healey Davis). Azara is a big time shooter. Her 3 point shot is the 2nd best in the draft (behind 3pt specialist Jorge Vilata), and she's not afraid to hoist it up when the game is on the line. In fact, she's usually the go-to-girl in the clutch due to her success in those situations.

Though she can shoot it well from anywhere, Ana's bread and butter is her terrific shooting from deep, which she can shoot on spot ups and also off the dribble. She's also known for mounting comebacks all by herself when the game is thought to be over. Ana doesn't have an ounce of quit in her, and she can literally shoot her team right back into a game. She can also shoot her team out of it if she happens to be off that night, because like most good shooters, she will keep shooting until something drops. But when she does get hot, look out! Her most famous game was when she brought her team back from 18 points down in the 4th to win by hitting 6 treys in 6 minutes (a school record) for 11 total (also a record).

However, Ana is far from a one-dimensional player. She knows how to dish the ball as well, averaging 5.5 assists a game. She is interchangeable at both guard positions due to her ability to handle the ball and make smart decisions with it. She possesses a pretty good all-around game and is a very capable defender, using those big paws and floofy tail to her advantage (that thing is not easy to see past). Though she does lack upper body strength and doesn't jump all that high, Ana is quick-footed and agile, using her knowledge of positioning and defensive schemes to play good one-on-one and team defense.

And though she's sweet as sugarcane off the court, on it she's as feisty a specimen as they come, talking plenty of smack, but seeming so cute and playful in doing so that you can't help but fall for her charm. But once that happens, and you let your guard down, that's when she has you right where she wants you.

Strengths: Pure Shooting From All Angles, Limitless Range, Spreads The Floor. Strengths: Unique, Yet Deadly Shooting Style, Outside Shooting Wiz, Tail Pokes For Steals. Strengths: Master on the Boards, Fast, Agile, and Energetic, Blocks Anything in Sight. Strengths: Deadly From Deep, Dependable in the Clutch, Capable Passer and Defender.
Weaknesses: Sucks at Defense, Constantly Out-Muscled. Poor Rebounder at His Height. Weaknesses: Limited at Close Range, All Around Game Needs Work, Inexperienced. Weaknesses: Not Much For Post Moves, Doesn't Create Shots On His Own, A Bit Thin. Weaknesses: Lacks Strength, Doesn't Go To Hoop Much, Tends To Be Streaky.
Likely Destinations: 'Dollars, MPups, Rapids Likely Destinations: MPups, Rapids, 'Phoons Likely Destinations: 'Dollars, Rapids, MPups Likely Destinations: Rapids, 'Dollars, MPups
Leo Seppala - Guard Jack Hinks - Center
Nicky Brown - Forward
Fritz Jansen - Guard
Species -WolfDog Species - Landseer Dog Species - Cockatoo Species - Paint Horse
Nickname - The Arctic Storm Nickname - White Squall, Sea Dog Nickname - Cocky Nickname - Schokopony
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'7" Height - 7'2" Height - 6'8" Height - 6'4"
Weight - 165 lbs Weight - 260 lbs Weight - 208 lbs Weight - 234 lbs
Birthplace - Nome, AK Birthplace - Carbonear, NL Birthplace - Quincy, MA Birthplace - Dresden, Germany
2009-2010 College Stats
49% 91% 44% 16.9 4.7 3.4 2.3 1.8 2.2
2009-2010 College Stats
54% 74% 15% 17.9 8.3 3.2 0.6 2.1 2.8
2009-2010 College Stats
45% 73% 29% 19.1 5.8 3.1 1.1 1.4 3.8
2009-2010 College Stats
52% 67% 14% 12.2 8.3 2.2 2.3 2.7 3.2

Projected: TOP 24

A distant relative with direct heritage to Togo, the world famous Alaskan sled dog, Leo is another quality product from the American Tundra, and he makes up the other half of the sharp-shooting duo from the University of Anchorage, along with Ana Azara. Like Ana, he has a jumper that is smooth as silk, and he loves to shoot the longball, sometimes even from as far as 10 feet behind the three point stripe! That might tick off a few coaches in the league, but the only reason he shoots from that far is that he can make it, and he does so often.

So what is it that separates Leo Seppala from Ana Azara in playing style? Well, while Ana can shoot spot up or off the dribble, Leo greatly prefers shooting spot up, being set up and waiting for a pass to be delivered to his waiting paws. The more he dribbles before he shoots, the less likely it is to go in. Fortunately, Leo knows this, and he always make sure he is set before he shoots, resulting in a 44% success rate from downtown, good for 6th overall in the draft class. He also tends to shoot a bit further out than Ana, using the opponent's looser defense further from the basket to his advantage. If they don't man up on him at 30 feet, he might just fire away until they close out on him.

Other than Leo's shooting percentages, which are outstanding, the main thing that separates Leo from Ana is he is a better perimeter defender, and a runner and leaper. He may be skinny as a toothpick and unable to outmuscle stronger, stockier guards, but he is very long and keeps in front of the player with the ball. His coordination and reflexes are astounding, and he uses them to knock plenty of passes away and intercept others to the tune of 2.3 steals per game. Not only that, but the WolfDog has some hops too, storming over to block players on the weak side, as well as chase them down from behind on fast breaks for the always exciting "Chasedown" block.

Leo is a very confident player, and like other good shooters, he keeps shooting until he makes it. He doesn't get as hot as Ana, but he is more consistent. As far as inside shooting, he is good at midrange, but it's very rare to see him take it strong to the rack because he tends to shy away from physical contact inside. He does move very well without the ball though, rolling around picks and screens to find plenty of open spots to get the pass and shoot from.

Leo is a hard working player, and he takes great pride in his shot, so you know that will always be dependable. But he would benefit greatly by adding some much needed muscle to his frame, which can only boost his confidence.

Projected: TOP 24

Hailing from a working class family, Jack spent considerable time on and around fishing vessels off the Atlantic side of Canada, building his natural strength and agility in the course of the manual labors involved with working fishing boats. So it seems not too far fetched that a guy who is 7'2", 260 lbs with great natural balance, a strong core, and quick, agile feet would find success in a game such as basketball. Indeed, the physical labors of his upbringing, as well as his dedication in honing his basketball skills in the gym, are about to serve Jack well.

Jack attended Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and played varsity basketball during all three of his years there. With the Sea Dog as their star player, the Tigers (the team, not the furs themselves) finished 17-10 during his sophomore season and 22-5 in his junior before he declared for the Draft. Growing up on slippery, rocking boat decks proved instrumental to the big dog’s balance and agility, as he developed a very impressive array of back-to-the-basket moves that are very difficult to stop, and his breed's large webbed paws helped him control the ball better during shots and rebounds.

Despite Jack's size, he is deceptively agile, and excels at finding cracks in the defense and exploiting them. Blessed with a good set of handles for a big man, he can crossover, spin, and maneuver his way around down low better than most bigs can. He is always in control of his body and rarely ever gets in foul trouble (unless there are a lot of bad calls). Along with his growing selection of quality post moves, he also has the ability to pop out and knock down the 15 foot jumpshot, a godsend for a big center. He is improving on his shooting post moves, his jump hooks and turnaround fade-aways, and should be a very nice offensive contributor when he gets those down. Though he doesn't like calling for the ball and should really look to utilize his moves more often.

Jack is a very hard worker and never gives up in a game. He does the little things like box out on every possession, which improve his already strong rebounding numbers. And he is a wonderful anchor on defense, protecting the paint aggressively and effectively, blocking or changing many a shot in the lane.

He is smart and quick to react to switches, and can even hedge out on a guard driving around a pick to stop him from penetrating, and yet is still quick enough to get back to his man. Also a likeable guy in the locker room, always ready with a smile and quick-witted remark. There is nothing slow about this big dog, for sure.

Projected: TOP 24

The second Brown in the 2010 Draft class, Nicky Brown is the only avian projected to go in the first round, even in the first several 2nd round picks. That probably boosts his ego a little bit, though he is such a confident player (note the nickname) that he hardly needs it.

Nicky is already known for being the leading scorer on this FCAA squad, Boston College, and he was second in All-State in high school. He's loud, outgoing, gregarious, and a bit of a showboat, but has the ominous talent to back it up. Scoring is his specialty, and he does it in a wide variety of ways and with a distinct swagger that almost comes off as arrogant, and it might be. Nicky never stops running his beak on the court, be it smack-talking, teasing, bragging or bickering. It's hard not to notice the way he takes on players head-on, personally daring his defender to stop him from scoring. And if his constant yapping annoys his opponents, then he has accomplished what he set out to do.

Watching Nicky play is always entertaining, and much like his species is known for, he loves being a showoff. But the important thing is he gets the job done. He has impressive handles, with lightning fast crossovers and a killer hesitation dribble which draws 'oohs' and 'ahhs', but his moves are as effective as they are flashy. He has practically mastered the one-flap rule for avians, allowing him to gain maximum air for massive swat-downs or thunderous, crowd-pleasing power jams.

But his highly electric playing style does come with a cost. Nicky tends to get overconfident a lot and try to play outside what he's normally capable of. He is a good shooter for the most part, but he'll let it get to his head and take a much harder shot early in the shot clock the next trip down. He's not good at shooting the three, and it's not from lack of trying. He's prone to turnovers and he needs to be smarter with the ball, especially in clutch situations where he has been known to rush into bad decisions or take unnecessarily difficult shots.

And although his big wings make it harder for opponents to see past him when he's D'ing them up and he does a pretty good job of anticipating the pass, his defense is pretty mediocre. Being a bird with hollow bones, he is easily moved and has trouble holding his ground. On the perimeter, he just isn't great at stopping penetration, and he doesn't seem to respect his opponent's shot enough to contest their shot each time, which gets him burned. It's obvious he enjoys his time on offense, but he needs to get serious about all aspects of the game if he's going to realize his great potential.

Projected: TOP 24

Growing up on a farm deep in the province of Saxony in rural Germany, Fritz always had a deep love for the game of basketball, though he didn't always have the means to play. His parents never approved of him pursuing a career in basketball and instead wanted him to learn to work the family farm and take it over someday. That didn't interest Fritz, so he moved away to Dresden to pursue his basketball career while also working part time at a Doener Shop downtown.

Sure enough, his main focus eventually became basketball, and he put in hours and hours in the gym and weight rooms until he finally made himself a solid starter on the Dresden Dynamo, a Division II team in Germany. Although Fritz never was able to develop much of an offensive game despite his efforts, his defensive prowess is certainly one-of-a-kind.

At an incredibly muscular, athletic 6'4" 234 lbs, Fritz has the strength and the speed to guard multiple positions. He can guard positions 1-3 with ease, and even a few 4s, despite the height disadvantage. His defensive stats are extremely impressive for a guard, although he is unfortunately stuck in the position of a shooting guard who can't shoot. Most all of his points come on taking it strong to the hole for dunks and lay-ups and finishing high-flying alley-oops. Anyone who has seen Fritz try to shoot a jumpshot past 10 feet will tell you it's not especially pretty.

What is pretty is how capable Fritz is at shutting down opponents, be it on the perimeter or down low. His speed and strength allow him to hold all but the quickest guards and the stronger, taller forwards. He's got fast hands and is great at picking pockets of guards as they try to drive by him. Also, his explosive jumping ability allows him to get much higher much faster than most would expect, helping him sky for rebounds and blocked shots. In fact, his 2.7 blocks a game is the highest average for a guard in that category, and he ranks 6th in the Draft in both blocks and steals, solidifying his consistent defensive efforts.

Being a defensive-minded player, Fritz doesn't get too much time with the ball, and that has translated over time to him not being a very good ball-handler. When he gets rebounds or passes, he tries to hold the ball or get rid of it as soon as possible, because when he tries to dribble too much, he loses it and gets turnovers. He works well in a team oriented system where he plays his part and otherwise doesn't get in the way. But if he is used in his defensive role, he will excel, and he is just the guy for a team that needs some tenacious D.

Strengths: Consistently Good From Deep, Solid Perimeter Defense, "Chasedown" King. Strengths: Agile, Strong and Fast, Good Moves in the Post, Can Hit a Midrange Shot. Strengths: Scores in Multitudes of Ways, Great Ball-Handler, Uses One-Flap Rule Well. Strengths: Defensive Stopper, Skies High For Boards & Blocks, Guards Multiple Positions.
Weaknesses: Too Skinny, Reluctant to Drive Inside, Struggles Shooting Off Dribble. Weaknesses: Shot Still Needs to Improve, Not a High Flyer, A Little Passive on Offense. Weaknesses: Overconfident At Times, So-So Defensively, Can't Shoot 3s, Turnover Prone. Weaknesses: A Guard w/ No Jumpshot, Poor Ball-Handler, Turns the Ball Over Too Much.
Likely Destinations: Pride, Whips, 'Dollars Likely Destinations: Whips, FStorm, Pride Likely Destinations: FStorm, Mayors, Whips Likely Destinations: Mayors, Bikers, FStorm
Jarrod Frola - Forward Blythe Nacht - Guard
Gerrit-Jan Pretorius - Forward
Dirk Von Stryker - Center
Species - Cat Species - Red Fox (Silver Phase) Species - Lion Species - German Giant Rabbit
Nickname - Parlez Nickname - Shadow Nickname - GJP, Lojaliteit Nickname - Schlämmenbün
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'7" Height - 6'3" Height - 6'9" Height - 7'2"
Weight - 250 lbs Weight - 195 lbs Weight - 255 lbs Weight - 265 lbs
Birthplace - Medford, MA Birthplace - Nebraska City, NE Birth - Hartbeesfontein, S. Africa College - Lapine State University
2009-2010 College Stats
45% 83% 38% 16.2 6.6 4.5 0.8 1.2 2.0
2009-2010 College Stats
50% 82% 47% 19.9 2.3 2.8 0.8 0.3 1.8
2009-2010 College Stats
48% 66% 12% 15.4 6.9 3.1 1.1 1.6 3.4
2009-2010 College Stats
45% 75% 34% 12.5 9.5 0.8 0.2 2.2 2.5

Projected: TOP 24

When one mentions the name Jarrod Frola, there are a few traits that instantly pop into one's mind. Warm, Bright, Friendly, Easy-Going, Charismatic, Sociable and Genuine. Of course these are not basketball terms, but Jarrod has made such a striking impression for being a wonderfully likeable furson off the court that he's more well known for that than his basketball talents. However, just because he lights up a room when he walks in doesn't mean he doesn't light up the court as well.

Parlez, as he's called, is one of the more notable characters on this year's (immensely talented) Underwood squad, playing sidekick to Bailey Brisbane and Wescot Yobia. Though referred to as one of U-Dub's "stars", he really doesn't embrace the star role, preferring to be a common glue guy that helps fill in holes where the team needs him. Ever cheerful and smiling, Jarrod does whatever the coach asks, doesn't complain, never trash talks (he actually compliments opponents for hitting shots in his face often) and always seems to be having a good time (except when his team loses). He hustles, brings energy, passion, intangibles and the joy of competition to the court every time he steps on it, perhaps gaining him more exposure than a normal "glue guy" would get.

Jarrod is simply the consummate team player. He does everything well, but nothing spectacular. He is well versed in fundamentals and does them so well that you never really notice when he does something right. It just seems so natural for him to quietly go about his business, hitting a mid range shot here, grabbing a long rebound, making an on-target pass around the arc, etc. And he does it all with a grin on his face, not expecting praise or a pat on the back, only the success of his team.

The only way to knock his game is to say that he's simply rather average at everything and isn't immensely talented in any one thing. He shoots, passes and rebounds satisfactorily, and he's an average defender at best. He'll never score 30 points in a game or grab 12 rebounds or block 5 shots. But the things he does are only noticeable in the end result. That and the way he inspires and encourages teammates with his attitude, creates a togetherness in the locker room, and always has something positive to say about every situation.

Jarrod Frola is a coach's dream. Smart, fundamentally sound, humble, a hard-worker, never complains, listens, and creates great chemistry. If U-Dub had its general leader in Brisbane, Frola was most certainly the emotional leader. That, like everything he does, goes unnoticed, but it makes all the difference.

Projected: TOP 24

Blythe Nacht is a top notch scorer and shooter with one of the quickest releases in the Draft. The swift black fox broke the three-point accuracy record for his conference this year, and came within 20 points of breaking the scoring record. He makes an appearance on the Top 10 list in scoring and 3-point accuracy for this year's draft class, tying for 3rd in the latter category.

So why isn't Blythe ranked higher on this list? Probably because he's a very one-dimensional player whose main strength is shooting 3-pointers. He tends to stay somewhat stagnant on offense, hanging by the 3-point line until a pass comes his way. Though he is quite good at sinking the trey, especially from the corner, which he says is his "sweet spot".

Blythe is a volume scorer, but lacks much of any contribution in any other category. He's not a masterful ball-handler, he hardly ever looks for the open man, and you won't see him going into the paint to snatch rebounds very often. He also really needs to work on his defense. He's one step away from being a turnstile on the perimeter, and that is not something coaches like. His effort has been questioned on that end before, but he does swear that he has been working on that part of his game, and the improvements are slight, but they're there.

The biggest improvement he made over the course of the last season is adding fifteen pounds of muscle to his delicate frame, giving him a bit more leverage against other players. He has been known to take the ball inside on occasion, as his 20 points a game don't come from just 3 pointers. When he drives inside, he has a sort of rubbery effect, like he will jump in the air and contort his body in all sorts of ways, then sink the shot. He's also like rubber in that he's pretty durable, despite being thin as a noodle. He bends and twists, but never breaks, which is nice when many others his size tend to be quite injury prone.

Blythe could stand to utilize his driving ability more often, as there is quite a bit of potential in the way he can get inside, but old habits die hard, and his habit of waiting by the arc for a shot to come to him is something he will have to overcome. He needs to be more aggressive on both ends of the court. He tends to do best when challenged, and his intensity and focus falters when he's not involved in the play.

All in all, Blythe is a solid scorer and terrific shooter with even more potential to diversify his offensive repertoire. It's just everything else that makes up the game of basketball that he needs to improve on.

Projected: TOP 24

Gerrit-Jan Pretorius is a bright-eyed, energetic 19-year-old kid from South Africa whose talent for basketball has taken him on an adventure far away from his native country. Dazzled by the bright lights and overwhelmed by all the attention he's been receiving, this innocent, relatively naive country boy is just hoping to be selected, but would be perfectly fine with getting to meet his FBA heroes in person, getting a few signatures and returning to his family in Hartbeesfontein. Except whether he is aware of it or not, this tribal Lion is simply to talented to overlook.

Upon first glance, one might get the impression that GJP is a snarling, wild beast out to make mincemeat of the poor souls of the FBA. With his arms covered in tribal tattoos (with deep meaning and relevance in his native African heritage) wild, dreadlocked mane with bone beads (passed down from his grandfather) and snarling rookie photo (which the photographer made him pose for, running with the novel idea of making a muscular, tattooed lion look vicious) he certainly looks his fair share of intimidating. But deep down, he's a gentle, innocent creature who's just out to please people, do his best and make his family proud.

Though however nice and personable he is off the court, on it he is all about doing what it takes to win. He's still "nice" as in he doesn't talk trash, play dirty or shove people, but he isn't afraid of a little physical contact either. In fact, that physicality is what has led GJP to as much success as he's had. He's lean and muscular, with good strength down low, which he uses to defend strong forwards in the post very well. He's also got incredible hops, and has been known to sky through the air for some very impressive jams. His athleticism and explosiveness make him one of the best high-flying dunkers in the projected first round.

Raw and athletic is a good way to describe him actually. He only started playing the game a few years back, but he was quite the physical specimen before that. He relies on his athleticism right now, since he is still learning the fundamentals of the game. But he is a blue collar player, a hard worker with tons of hustle and energy, and he brings all he can every game. He gets almost all his points in the paint, and he's a very capable defender, especially near the basket where he skies for huge swats. He's also fiercely loyal to his teammates, and if someone gets in the face of a teammate of his, they'll have a buff, snarling lion to deal with.

The rest of his game is raw, but coming along. But being the humble, hard-working lion he is, he won't take this opportunity for granted.

Projected: TOP 24

In the world of mammals, there are bunnies (like Buck Hopper) and then there are BUNNIES! Dirk Von Stryker is 7'2", 265 lbs worth of BUNNY! And he's 8'1" with the ears! That's a lot of carrots.

Specifically, Dirk is a German Giant Rabbit, hailing from the German city of Bremen. Migrating to the USA when he turned 13, Dirk was already a fan of the sport of basketball, but upon hitting his growth spurt (and growing 12 inches in a year) that's when he started to consider a career in professional basketball a little more seriously.

Dirk is a good defender, like most big guys on the draft board. He can guard big guys in the post. He can block a few shots. He can get rebounds and dunks in the paint. But what is unique about DVS is that he has the unusual ability for a big man to shoot the longball, and at a respectable rate at that!

During an offensive play, if the defense is distracted by ball movement and action on the other side of the court, Dirk will then drift back to the three point line, quietly forgotten by those thinking he's too far out to be effective. If a driving player spots him all alone on the wing or in the corner, it's lights out. This little move is great for spreading the floor and taking big guys away from the hoop so guards have an easier time penetrating. Although it does make it difficult for Dirk to get rebounds when he's busy camping at the arc. He gets plenty of them at other times though, as his height and ability to box out make him a solid rebounder.

He's a pretty quiet guy on and off the court, preferring to let his play do the talking. But his quiet personality sometimes leads him to be a bit timid on the court and he can get caught being an onlooker instead of getting involved. He's also pretty slow actually, and isn't all that athletic. He lacks footwork down low, and is slow to move, making guarding pick and rolls very difficult. But his game isn't based on speed, just picking his spots and waiting.

Dirk actually has a couple of decent post moves, including a nice sweeping hook shot and a decent turnaround. He can hit midrange as well, which really comes in handy. But it's pretty surreal seeing this big bunny spotting up 25 feet from the basket and swishing the trey!

He's also pretty bad at dribbling and passing, but that's not normally something a big guy is good at anyways. But with Dirk's long range talents, he's far from a normal big guy. And with a skill set as unique as his, he's sure to be a gem in the league for years to come.

Strengths: Fundamentally Solid, Does A Bit Of Everything, Improves Team Chemistry. Strengths: Solid Scorer w/ Good Percentages, Superb From Three, Quick and Durable. Strengths: Crazy Athleticism, Good, Strong Post Defender, High-Flying Dunking Ability. Strengths: Great Range For A Big, Solid Interior D & Rebounding, Spreads The Floor.
Weaknesses: Not Exceptional At Anything, Average Defender, Sometimes Too Nice. Weaknesses: One-Dimensional, Not a Great Defender, Intensity and Focus Wavers. Weaknesses: Raw and Lacks Fundamentals, Shoots Poorly Outside 10ft, Turnover Prone. Weaknesses: Slow and Unathletic, Lacks Post Moves, Tends to Spectate Too Much.
Likely Destinations: 'Roots, 'Stones, Thrust Likely Destinations: 'Stones, 'Roots, Bikers Likely Destinations: 'Stones, Bikers, Thrust Likely Destinations: Thrust, 'Stones, 'Roots
Player Summaries
Pos. Name Summary
G Vera La Tiérra

An all-around excellent player with great athleticism and finesse.  Brilliant offensively and defensively.  Scores from anywhere and assists the ball at a high rate.  Elite ball thief and great shot-blocker for her size.  Take note stats were in weaker Puerto Rican league. Also is young and flirtatious with bit of an ego, and tends to showboat or try to “match” opponent’s challenges personally.  Is still very coachable and willing to take direction. Marketing opportunities worldwide and good looks give a slight boost to value.

F Kenny Henderson

A very unique forward with elite point guard skills.  Great at ball handling and a phenomenal passer for his position.  A legit triple-double threat every game.  Solid rebounder and can score in a variety of ways.  Very good defensive numbers, but not fantastic.  Needs to work on outside game.

G Paul Shepherd

Excellent offensive player, outstanding shooting numbers and one of the best rebounding guards in the draft.  Flashy but in control.  Great leader on the floor and can direct an offense well.  Average defensive player and needs to improve range from deep, especially as a guard.  Does have a short fuse sometimes and can let it affect his game too much. 

C/F Wescot Yobia

One of few centers in the draft that is great defensively without being a specialist.  A big guy with great rebounding and blocking skills with a legitimate low post game offensively.  A very good ball handler who uses that to his advantage downlow.  Great footwork.  Bit of a showoff in a negative sense, leading to senseless turnovers.  Solid passing for a big man, though he takes silly risks with them sometimes. Great at setting screens too.  Comes from prestigious college (Underwood) but needs to mature more and learn when to get serious.

G Ezra Rosenbaum

Fiesty and passionate player.  Mainly a slasher with good medium range. Can hit a treyball or two here and there.  Gets to the free throw line a lot.  Strong, athletic and a superb passer, dishing on the drive well. Plays the passing lanes and is a very capable defender, raising hir value.  Always seems to have a chip on hir shoulder during games and never backs down from a challenge. Needs a strong coach to keep hir in check, and can stand to improve shot selection. Mustn’t let opponents get under hir skin on the court.

G Krystal Bunny

Up-tempo and exciting. The best true point guard in the draft. Highest assists numbers of all prospects by far. Quick and crafty. Excellent shooter as well.  Makes teammates around her better. Size and defensive liabilities hurts her draft value, but still a possible gamechanger at point on offense.

C Mark Ferramin

Best true defensive pillar available. Leader in blocks and rebounds by a good margin. Quick footed and agile for his size. Extremely hard to get around or over in the paint. Shot isn’t good but it’s improving by the day. Not a go-to-guy on offense. Must overcome timidness in post and learn to bang. Also needs to put on some muscle. Lack of offensive game drops his value some but can control game at defensive end.

G Bailey Brisbane

The star and team captain of the prestigious Underwood College squad this year.  An excellent team leader, raising his value with many teams. Adapt at scoring the ball at midrange or driving to the hoop. Will give you a bit of everything on the offensive end, rebounding and passing well. Always keeps teammates on track and focused while giving them confidence on the court and building strong bonds off it. Average speed and not the most athletic. High basketball IQ, but pretty mediocre on defense.

G/F Ione Estrada

The best available all-around defensive player without being a big liability on offense. True stopper on the perimeter and can guard 4 positions well. “Doral Jr. with offense”. Extremely driven and hard-working. Uses hands, tail and tongue to greatly bother the offensive player. Not the best shooter, but capable of hitting shots and lay-ups, which when combined with defensive expertise, raises her value.

G Wendy Brown

Tiny but extremely strong, quick and absolutely fearless. One of the best slashing guards in the draft and can get to the line. Able to read player’s body movements and knows where they’re going to be, making her a great passer.  Very explosive player, in getting off the ground and in attitude. Able to sky for blocks most her size can’t touch. Quick hands and instincts lead to lots of steals.  Midrange shot is decent but shaky. Usually doesn’t attempt longball. Very confident and extremely passionate with no tolerance for BS. Size, stronger competition, and shooting drop her value, offensive + defensive package raise it.

F Blanc Mange

Strong, agile wolf with a head for the game.  Able to score inside with a variety of moves. Decent midrange shot which is improving. Good vertical and great at getting position for rebounds. Very competent defensive game. Good post defender and fast enough to guard the perimeter and pick-and-rolls. Brings hardwork and energy and does what is asked of him. Can improve at ball-handling.

G Devon Kellendyne

Very fast player who can get in the paint for layups whenever he wants. Great ball-handling with few turnovers. Exceptional passer who sets up teammates well. Great at playing passing lanes for steals and quick paws and tail for poking the ball away. Not as great at one-on-one defense as he is at gambling and getting steals. Very crafty and tricky with the ball. Is dependable for shooting up to 20 feet. Needs to get stronger and learn to shoot from 3 especially at guard position.

F/C Serhan Tevetoğlu

Amazing pure shooter with comparisons to John Stoat. Can shoot from anywhere on anyone. Can stretch the floor. Unlimited range. Scores in huge bunches. Needs to hit the weights. Very scrawny and cannot guard post despite his height. Below average defense and rebounding for his height. Gets muscled out very easily. Despite exceptional shooting and scoring talent, stock drops due to lack of defense and strength.

G Gilbert Exen

Excellent shooter from close and range. Much better as a set shooter, since he passes to his tail to shoot. Far less effective shooting with his hands or on the move, but is capable of doing so. Great at handling the ball with his hands or tail. Very quick and agile.  Gets using tail pokes and defends well one-on-one. Still learning parts of the game, and his tail-shooting style can put him at a disadvantage when defended tightly.  Ok at getting his own shot, but prefers shooting off a pass from others.

C Joshua Koda

A defensive maestro, quick and agile for his size.  Superb at blocking and rebounding.  Has a few decent post moves on offense, but it’s not his strong suit.  Can stand to get stronger and develop a jumpshot.  Wonderful offensive rebounder and gets lots of put-backs. Good team player and great listener, despite keeping to himself off the court. Nicknamed “The Artist” because of his crazy fur-dye jobs. Underwhelming offensive game lowers his value a bit, but can be taught more moves down low.

G Ana Azara

Amazingly pure shooter who never falters under pressure and often hits big shots. Can shoot her team in or out of the game.  Streaky shooter, but can get hot in a hurry. Excellent shooting percentages. Possesses good all around game.  A very competent passer who makes good decisions with the ball.  Fiesty and passionate, yet playful at times. Very capable defender with good length and quick feet. Will make a great leader once she adapts to the pro game. Can improve strength and doesn’t jump very high.

G Leo Seppala

Skinny as a toothpick but very long arms make him quick and menacing on the perimeter defensively. Lightning fast reflexes and high-flying capabilities lead to tons of steals and weak-side blocks. Also has the “Chasedown” block down. On offense, specializes in shooting the three. Fantastic shooter from anywhere, but prefers to shoot off the pass. Needs to get stronger and learn to take it to the cup on occasion. Tends to shy away from physical contact down low.

C Jack Hinks

Smart, strong player with solid footwork and balance down low. Good timing and surprisingly nimble. Above average low post game on offense with back-to-the-basket abilities. Can also knock down the 17 footer. Turnarounds and fadeaways are improving with practice. Solid rebounder and dependable anchor in the paint on defense.  Good at passing for a big man. Somewhat passive on offense and doesn’t look to shoot enough. All around dependable on both ends of the floor.

F Nicky Brown

A flashy player with a show-off streak. Can knock down jumpshots from a multitude of angles, off-balance or otherwise. Crafty avian player who uses the one-flap rule well. Can drive to the hole as well as shoot. Impressive dribbling skills. Average at rebounding and passing. Defense is good but could be better. Big wings help get deflections and steals, and one-flap helps with blocks. Not too great from downtown. Hesitation move is killer when driving to the basket. Tends to get cocky and play outside his limitations. Sometimes turns the ball over in high pressure situations.

G Fritz Jansen

Shooting guard with unique set of skills and traits, most notably his inability to shoot. Splendid defensive guard who can lock down other guards. Great timing and hops allow for massive blocks and solid rebounding. Good at receiving and finishing alley-oop dunks. Not good at shooting anywhere outside the paint. Must improve jumpshot to spread the floor. Being a liability on offense, and his inability to shoot, especially at the shooting guard position, hurts his value. Could possibly play SF in some systems.

F Jarrod Frola

Good solid player who gives you a bit of everything on the offensive end. Nothing overly impressive, but well rounded in the fundamentals. Shoots, rebounds and passes satisfactorily. Wonderful teammate whose warm personality can help bring a team closer together. Thrives in a system with lots of teamwork. Average defensively. Not star material but can be a great glue guy. Hustles no matter the score and never complains. Was an integral part of the Underwood College team this year.

G Blythe Nacht

Can shoot lights out from deep and put points on the board. Very good, dependable shooter. A bit one-dimensional. Likes to shoot off the pass and tends to hang around the arc too much. Doesn’t venture inside the arc often, though he is capable of scoring when he does. Doesn’t provide a lot of other things other than scoring, and his defense is suspect, which both hurt his value in the draft. Would thrive on a team in need of outside scoring.

F Gerrit-Jan Pretorius

Hard-working, physical player. Full of hustle and energy on both ends of the court. Very hard to stop within 12 feet of the basket.  Capable defender with big hops and great length.  Sometimes loses focus on D but spectacular when zoned in.  Ferociously loyal to team and teammates. Not afraid to get paws dirty or get in the face of an opponent. Jumpshot needs a lot of work, but great in the post and above the rim.

C Dirk Von Stryker

Big guy with a unique ability to shoot the 3 at a respectable rate. Good spot up shooter and very capable defensively. A bit on the slow side. Very efficient rebounder, except when he’s on the perimeter. Lacks moves and footwork in the post, but has a nice hook shot and turnaround. Can stretch the floor with his shooting. Defends the paint well. Tends to be a little timid and could stand to be more aggressive on both sides of the court.

On The Cusp
(borderline first round picks, likely early second round picks)
First Name
Last Name
2009-2010 College Stats
Additional Notes
Ashland, KY
48% 85% 40% 12.4 2.5 7.2 1.6 0.4 2.4

Unselfish, Pass-First Point Guard. Terrific Passing Skills & High IQ. Can Hit Longball. Pesky Defender. Flops Well. Can't Jump.

Little Rock, AR
48% 84% 42% 16.2 4.6 2.1 0.4 1.0 2.0
Amazing Shooter With Good Length. Can Score From Anywhere. High 3pt %. Good Perimeter Defense. Skinny & Frail w/ Poor Rebounding.
The Associate
Orange County, CA/ Lower Cal State
45% 78% 36% 14.2 5.8 3.1 0.7 1.2 1.3
Old Teammate of Macon Bros, L.V. McDyess & William Badd. Average But Efficient All Around. Solid Role Player. Needs To Bulk Up.
Trouble/Slinky/Big Top
Stellar Sea Lion
Naikoon, BC
55% 51% 0% 13.2 7.7 1.4 1.1 1.2 2.7
Fiesty & Aggresive, Powerful & Graceful. Solid Inside Moves. Defends Well. Talented Flopper. Poor Shooting & Ball-Handling.
Golden Retriever
Charlottesville, VA
46% 78% 20% 13.1 8.4 1.8 0.8 2.1 1.8
Intelligent, Likeable Player Who Hustles. Brings Intangibles. Nice Shooting Touch With Average Defense & Rebounding.
Los Angeles, CA
44% 78% 41% 12.9 1.1 5.8 1.8 0.1 2.9
Quick Guard With Driving & Shooting Ability. Good % from 3. Nice Court Vision & Handles. Small, Weak, & Easy To Score On.
Lost Springs, WY
49% 53% 0% 10.1 9.8 1.4 1.7 2.0 1.0
A Tank Inside The Paint. Can Practically Bench Press a Planet. Great Post Defense & Rebounding. Scoring Is Not His Forte.
Swansea, MA
41% 77% 35% 17.3 3.1 1.9 0.8 0.4 3.7
A High Volume Scorer, But Shoots Inefficiently. Tends To Hog Ball & Needs To Learn Better Shot Selection & Teamwork.
Border Collie
Myrtle Beach, SC
44% 78% 32% 11.2 2.7 5.2 1.0 0.5 2.5
Good Passing For a Forward. A Team Player With a Decent Jumpshot. Needs To Get Better At Defense.
Tibetan Terrier
Frankfort, IL
47% 47% 0% 10.1 7.8 2.0 0.5 1.8 1.9
Big Guy With Solid Post Presence. High Basketball IQ, But Slow & Doesn't Do Much On Offense.