Projected First Round Picks
TOP 2 G Klaus Korber Doberman Dog 6'2" Essen, Germany
TOP 2 G JTigerclaw Tiger 5'11" Galveston, TX
TOP 8 G Jeff Random Pit Bull 6'2" Charlottesville, VA
TOP 8 C Donell Macon Siberian Tiger 7'0" Sacramento, CA
TOP 8 F Desmond Macon Siberian Tiger 6'7" Sacramento, CA
TOP 8 F Alan Murphy Kangaroo 6'7" Queensland, Australia
TOP 8 C Samuel Roberts Clydesdale Horse 7'2" New York City, NY
TOP 8 F Evan Ashton Lion 6'6" Topeka, KS
TOP 16 F Nathan Spinner Iguana 6'6" Buenos Aires, Argentina
TOP 16 G Karre Roark Coyote 6'2" Avondale, AZ
TOP 16 G Stripes Quinn Tiger 5'10" Rotherham, United Kingdom
TOP 16 C Nathan Robinson Sidewinder Snake 6'11" Corpus Christi, TX
TOP 16 G Andre Cutsforth Ferret 6'0" Providence, RI
TOP 16 F/C Lance Rex Komodo Dragon 6'11" Portland, OR
TOP 16 F/C Hassan Kamal Camel 6'11" Khénifra, Morocco
TOP 16 G Icarus Cobra-Dragon Veiled Cobra Dragon 5'2" Congers, NY
TOP 24 G Ian Histon Leopard 5'9" Bowling Green, OH
TOP 24 G/F Ryan Thatcher Beaver 6'6" Bunkerville, NV
TOP 24 F Carlos Syevens-Quiles Calico Cat 6'6" San Pedro Sulo, Honduras
TOP 24 C Xau Xian-Xu Octopus 7'1" Nam Pin Wai, Hong Kong
TOP 24 G Vishnu Cross Grey Tuxedo Cat 5'11" Hull, MA
TOP 24 G Silvia Windcreek Silver Hare 6'2" Calgary, AB
TOP 24 C Eric Logan Bull Elephant 7'3" Austin, TX
TOP 24 G Theodore Sanftner Prarie Dog 5'9" Underwood College
ON THE CUSP: Rolf Sweetser (Guard - 5'9" - Cocker Spaniel), Nicolette Robespierre (Guard - 5'8" - Fox), Nektarios Straka (Forward - 6'6" - Eurasian Lynx), Telki Holland (Guard - 5'11" - Chinchilla), Jefferson Adams (Center - 7'6" - Lion), Glen Skunk (Guard - 6'3" - Skunk), Wilter Strider (Forward - 6'9" - Grey Kangaroo), Halbert Lamar (Guard - 6'1" - Raccoon).
Team Draft Order
1 Galveston Sand Dollars [GAL]
2 Huntsville Mayors [HNT] (from Rapids)
3 Tallahassee Typhoons [TAL]
4 Tennessee Moonshiners [TEN]
5 Bradford Bantams [BDF]
6 Rocky Mountain Rabble [RMR]
7 Springfield Fusion [SPG]
8 Santa Ana Spectrums [SAS]
9 Baltimore Spirits [BAL]
10 Albany Alphas [ALB]
11 Des Moines Blanks [DES]
12 Alaska Arctics [ALK]
13 Kansas City Clefs [KCC]
14 Biloxi Mudpuppies [BLX]
15 Plymouth Taproots [PLY]
16 Idaho Mounties [IDA]
17 Santa Fe Whips [SFW]
18 Williamsburg Minutemen [WIL]
19 Montana Howlers [MON]
20 Dakota Bikers [DAK]
21 Lorain Firestorm [LOR]
22 Newark Pride [NWK]
23 Huntsville Mayors [HNT]
24 Stanislaus Thrust [STA]
2ND ROUND: 25-GAL, 26-TEN, 27-SPO, 28-SPR,
29-TAL, 30-RMR, 31-BDF, 32-SAS, 33-BAL, 34-ALB,
35-DES, 36-ALK, 37-KKC, 38-BLX, 39-PLY, 40-IDA,
41-SFW, 42-WIL, 43-MON, 44-DAK, 45-LOR, 46-NEW,
47-HNT, 48-STA
Draft Details (covering the Top 100 players)
1st Round
Entire Draft
Canidae- (dogs, foxes, wolves) 3 (2 dog, 1 coyote) 24 (15 dogs, 5 foxes, 1 wolf, 1 coyote, 1 jackal, 1 wolf-dog)
Felidae-(big cats, domestic cats)
8 (4 tigers, 2 cats, 1 lion, 1 leopard) 17 (9 cats, 4 tigers, 2 lions, 1 leopard, 1 lynx)
Rodentia- (rodents) 2 (1 beaver, 1 prairie dog) 11 (2 beavers, 2 chinchillas, 1 prairie dog, 1 kangaroo rat, 1 mouse, 1 norway rat, 1 muskrat, 1 woodchuck, 1 squirrel)
Ungulates (hoofed animals) 2 (1 horse, 1 camel) 11 (2 gazelles, 1 horse, 1 zebra, 1 camel, 1 alpaca, 1 giraffe, 1 pig, 1 rhino, 1 bull, 1 sheep)
Musteloidea (skunks, weasels, raccoons, red pandas) 1 (ferret) 10 (4 skunks, 1 weasel, 1 ferret, 3 raccoons, 1 red panda)
Reptilia- (reptiles, dragons) 4 (1 snake, 1 iguana, 1 komodo dragon, 1 veiled cobra-dragon) 7 (2 snakes, 2 komodo dragons, 1 dragon, 1 veiled-cobra dragon)
Lagomorpha (rabbits/hares) 1 (1 hare) 6 (1 hare, 4 rabbits, 1 jackalope)
Avian (birds) 0 4 (1 hawk, 1 swan, 1 ostrich, 1 penguin)
Marsupial (pouched animals) 1 (1 kangaroo) 3 (3 kangaroos)
Ursidae (bears) 0 2 (1 brown bear, 1 panda bear)
Elephantidae (elephants) 1 (1 bull elephant) 1 (1 bull elephant)
Cephalopod (octopus, squid) 1 1 (1 octopus)
Herpestidae (mongoose) 0 1 (1 mongoose)
Amphibian (frogs, toads, newts) 0 1 (1 bullfrog)
1st Round
Entire Draft
N. America 18 73
Europe 2 13
Asia 1 2
Africa 1 5
S. America 1 2
Australia 1 4
Antarctica 0 1
USA 16 69
International 8 31
1st Round
Entire Draft
1st Round
Entire Draft

JTigerclaw - Guard
Klaus Korber - Guard
Species - Tiger Nickname - JT, Tiggie Species - Doberman Dog Nickname - 2K
Gender - Male Height - 5'11" Gender - Male Height - 6'2"
Birthplace - Galveston, TX Weight - 160 lbs Birthplace - Essen, Germany Weight - 195 lbs
2008-2009 College Stats
44% 80% 38% 19.7 7.5 9.3 1.5 2.1 3.4
2008-2009 College Stats
47% 76% 33% 23.0 6.3 5.4 1.1 0.7 1.8
Projected: TOP 2

JTigerclaw is a quick, athletic player who can do it all. He has a real mind for the game, and many coaches and stouts drool over his amazing court sense. His 9.3 APG leads the FCAA, and he's got an all around offensive game to compliment his passing ability. Able to get his own shot from anywhere on the floor, he can contort his body in traffic for the acrobatic layup, elevate over defenders for a jumper on the run, or even throw it down on a big guy's head. He's a mixture of flash and substance sure to please coaches and fans alike.

JT's game is based on quickness, athleticism, and taking (and making) highly difficult shots. Something he may need to work on is shot selection, because in the FBA, defenses will be tougher. He's pretty light and may get shoved around a bit, but no one should question the toughness Tiggie posesses. He drives the lane fearlessly, sometimes recklessly, and his high FT% will ensure he will make opponents pay for fouling him. Although he sometimes will take a shot that's a little too difficult, and that may annoy coaches, but that's easy enough to fix. Besides, his off-balance, leaning shots seem to go in more often than not.

Not only does his offensive game impress and dazzle many, but he is solid on the defensive end too. He has big, quick paws and uses them to swipe basketballs from opponents faster than they can blink. Also, his 2.1 BPG is among some of the best numbers for guards in the FCAA, especially for those under 6 feet. His turnovers, however, could probably use some work. He tends to take chances with the ball, and although it often results in spectacular plays, sometimes it... well... doesn't.

Word is that Galveston Sand Dollar staff is very high on the hometown Tiggie. And who wouldn't be? He projects to be a very solid, perhaps spectacular player for many years to come, and the sky's the limit. It's just a bonus that he already has a strong connection to the city with the top pick. However, nothing is guaranteed, and if the 'Dollars really wanted to mess up the Mayors' plans, they could by picking Mayors' coach Rolf Korber's son Klaus Korber, who the Mayors basically traded Alan Chesuk for, or so it is believed. Not that JT wouldn't be a great consolation prize.

Projected: TOP 2

The most well-known fact about Klaus is that he is the son of current FBA Champion Huntsville Mayors' coach, Rolf Korber. And it so just happens that the Mayors have just given up an arm and a leg (both of them belonging to recently Spokane-bound star center, Alan Chesuk) to acquire the second overall pick in this draft from the Rapids, so it would stand to reason that a family reunion is in order. However, don't let the family ties discredit the young Korber. Coach isn't just trying to get his son on the team as a favor or to keep family close. That may be an added benefit, but don't get it wrong. This kid can Ball!

Like his father, Klaus Korber is extremely disciplined and organized, and an extremely hard worker (that's probably a big reason why the Mayors are wringing their paws in anticipation of picking him up). Coach Klaus loves hard workers, especially ones with as much talent as Korber. He knows how to score, and he excels in a team oriented system. He's got a sick J, can slash to the hoop, and loves pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops. He's got a great leadership sense and would be a very dependable floor general for any team.

Defensively, Klaus is good at staying in front of his defender. There is certainly room to improve of course, but he's no pushover. He is one of the biggest hustlers out there on the floor every night (and we don't mean in the pimping sense). Diving for loose balls, giving 110% every night, and staying calm under pressure are just some of the many reasons every coach he's had in his pre-professional balling career say he's one of the best players they've ever coached.

Most of Klaus's game is based on organization. So a down point may be that if things become spontaneous or stray from the plan, he is not at his best. He's also not the most athletic guard in the draft by far, but what he lacks in power slams and killer crossovers, he makes up for with a spotless set of fundamentals and a keen basketball wit. And as needs to be reiterated, his work ethic are top notch, and he is a coach's dream. It's no wonder Coach Korber is so eager to get his boy on his squad. After all, nobody knows little Korber better than dear old Dad.

Strengths: Very Gifted at Both Ends, Great Court Sense, Athletic & Quick

Strengths: Reliable Offensive, Makes Teammates Better, Great Work Ethic

Weaknesses: Risky Shot Selection. Making Smart Plays. Weaknesses: Relies Too Much on Structure, Lacks Athleticism.
Likely Destinations: Sand Dollars, Mayors, Typhoons (not very likely) Likely Destinations: Mayors, Sand Dollars, Typhoons (yeah right!)
Jeff Random - Guard
Donell Macon - Center Desmond Macon - Forward
Species - Pit Bull Species - Siberian Tiger Species - Siberian Tiger
Nickname - The Factor Nickname - Big Tig Nickname - D Chill
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'2" Height - 7'0" Height - 6'7"
Weight - 200 lbs Weight - 310 lbs Weight - 245 lbs
Birthplace - Charlottesville, VA Birthplace - Sacramento, CA Birthplace - Sacramento, CA
2008-2009 College Stats
46% 78% 31% 20.3 5.5 4.2 1.0 0.5 2.9
2008-2009 College Stats
53% 71% 10% 14.9 15.1 1.7 0.6 3.7 3.5
2008-2009 College Stats
45% 81% 38% 25.7 3.9 3.5 1.2 1.1 2.5

Projected: TOP 8

Are you familiar with the saying, "Fall down seven times, get up eight"? Well, whether or not you agree upon the logic behind such a statement, there's no denying that the saying fits University of Virginia star Jeff Random to a tee.

Stocky, strong and tough as nails, Random has never been one to shy away from contact or the hard foul. He drives fearlessly to the hole and is as tough as anyone to keep from getting his shot off. It's a common sight to see him on the ground, diving for the ball and hustling his tail off. It's just as common to see him at the free throw line, as Random led all guards in the FCAA in free throws attempted (and made) due to all the fouls he draws inside. Also, with his strength, he can post up most other guards, even ones that are a few inches taller than him.

Although penetrating is clearly his preferred style of play, Random also has a pretty decently accurate jumpshot, although it could stand to be improved upon. His 15-17 footer is pretty reliable, but take him too much further than that and he's out of his comfort zone. he also has a very strange, side-of-the-head cock-back shooting style that is sure to confuse and annoy any shooting coach. Fortunately, he's young and learns quickly, so his range and his shot consistency should improve over time. And with his desire and drive to be the best, he'll surely do what it takes to get better. Part of what makes Random a good pick is scouts believe he has one of the higher ceilings in the draft, and what we are seeing now is only the beginning of something special.

Projected: TOP 8

Big Bro to fellow likely Lottery Pick Desmond Macon (by 13 months) The Big Tig is one of the very few true down- low forces available in the draft this year. What makes him more special is that unlike the other defensively gifted bigs, the older Macon actually has a very promising offensive game to go along with his defensive excellence.

With a variety of low post moves, Macon can be pretty tough to defend. And of course, being the leading rebounder in the FCAA, you know he gets plenty of putbacks and dunks from offensive boards. He also is not at all what you would call slow-footed, as he has been known to run the floor on fast breaks (and often comes in first when running suicides in practice) and finish with authority. Maybe it is that extra quickness and agility that allows him to get off the floor for blocks so easily. It's almost like he fools players into thinking they're safe by remaining grounded as long as possible and then suddenly springing up for the swat.

However good he is on offense though, he's still got a lot of learning to do. He has a habit of not passing out of the post very well, so double-teams can often cause him to lose the ball. He also seems reluctant to be the go to guy, as he more than happily deferred to his younger brother most of the time in college. Also, he can get down on himself easily and seems to be a little sensitive for a big guy, so some veteran leadership and some careful guidance and encouragement would probably do him some good.

Projected: TOP 8

The younger of the two talented tiggies from California, Desmond Macon is just what you'd expect from the West Coast. With a shaggy haircut, a laid-back demeanor, and one of those "Duuude, what's up brah?" surfer accents, it appears ok at first to judge a book by its cover. But here's something you wouldn't know by looking at him. He can put a basketball in a hoop while sleepwalking. that's right, Tigger can ball!

Actually the leading scorer in the year's draft class, the boy can fill it up with ease. With his laid back style (don't confuse it with "lazy" or he'll hurt you) makes it look like he doesn't even have to try. He weaves around defenders and swishes long J's casually and without effort. His game is natural and comfortable, but while it looks like he's just going through the motions, he really is giving it his all every minute of every game. Another big plus to his chill style of play means he is never too nervous to take the big shot for his team.

So why isn't Desmond the #1 overall pick? Well, he doesn't rebound that much for a guy his size. (Honestly, how much could anyone else rebound with Donell Macon on the same team grabbing all the boards?) He hasn't quite perfected the art of teamwork while being the man in college, but he does possess the basic skills to make the adjustment in the FBA. Also, he has a tendency to get a little too relaxed and slack on D, yet he still averages a block and a steal per game. But you gotta think, his fur colors are the same as the basketball itself and there are 4 other tigers in the top 16, so maybe the game of basketball is just in his genes.

Strengths: Strong and Sturdy, Gets In Lane and Finishes Well, Leaves It All Out on the Floor.

Strengths: Monster on the Boards, Nice Interior Offense and Defense, Agile and Quick for a Big Guy. Strengths: A Scoring Natural, Good in the Clutch, High Basketball IQ, Quality Defender
Weaknesses: Inconsistent Shooting and Lack of Range. Weaknesses: Turnover Prone, Doesn't Pass Well From Double-Teams, Slight Confidence Issues. Weaknesses: Can be a Ball Hog, Occasional Slacker, Needs to Rebound More.
Likely Destinations: Typhoons, Moonshiners, Bantams Likely Destinations: Moonshiners, Bantams, Fusion Likely Destinations: Typhoons, Moonshiners, Bantams
Alan Murphy - Forward
Samuel Roberts - Center Evan Ashton - Forward
Species - Kangaroo Species - Clydesdale Horse Species - Lion
Nickname - Didgeridoo, QANTAS Nickname - Prime Time Nickname - Suupastaa
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'7" Height - 7'2" Height - 6'6"
Weight - 196 lbs Weight - 287 lbs Weight - 240 lbs
Birthplace - Queensland, Australia Birthplace - New York, NY Birthplace - Topeka, KS
2008-2009 High School Stats
42% 75% 30% 19.6 8.6 2.1 0.8 2.3 3.3
2008-2009 College Stats
51% 44% 0% 12.3 13.1 2.2 0.4 3.2 3.1
2008-2009 College Stats
47% 79% 36% 18.4 5.7 3.5 2.2 0.5 2.8

Projected: TOP 8

Alan Murphy is a very athletic player with an explosive offensive game and tons of potential. Winner of the High School All-Star Slam Dunk contest last year (Yes, he just graduated high school. Is that allowed in the FBA? I guess so, since he's in the draft and a prospective lottery pick) this oft-airborn Aussie has a 56" vertical leap, which is not unbelievable for a kangaroo, but when combined with his already being 6'7", makes for him getting chest-level with the rim on some very spectacular slam dunks that bring the house down (and the backboard down once in junior year of high school, which got the media to really pay attention to him).

However, although he is one of the youngest participants in the draft this year, and he has been criticized for being a player who merely relies on his ungodly athleticism to perform on the court and lacks the basic fundamentals to really be an impact player, many scouts don't see it that way. He has a nice handle on the ball and displays a good sense of decision making on the court (unless he gets too excited and tries to do something too spectacular, although it does occasionally provide some of the more amazing dunk highlights). He can be a little eratic, but he just needs a good coach to really get him to understand how to best use his untapped potential. And although many feel he would benefit from a year or two of collegiate play, he knows he'd be a high draft pick now regardless, so he's going for it now. Understandable for a young man with dreams of the big league, though he'd probably be a top 3 pick if he waited a couple more years.

His shooting is not bad, but raw and inconsistent. He can put up 50 points in a game one night and get single digits the next. But he has many flashes of brilliance in all aspects of the game, including some jaw-dropping blocks due to his incredible leaping ability and timing, so if a coach can gather all those elements together and combine them into one package, Murphy will be a force in the league for years to come.

Projected: TOP 8

Samuel Roberts is a big body that's very nice to have down on the low block, and would up any team's defensive efficiency. Although not quite an offensive force to be feared (not yet anyways), his value is in his blocks and rebounding ability, which he does very well. His other value is in the little things that teammates appreciate from their big man, like bonecrushing picks, unpenetrable screens, boxing out, and on more than one occasion, getting in the face of any opponent that lays a hard foul on a teammate or talks a little too much trash. He's been ejected a few times for pushing around players who foul his teammates in a way deemed by Roberts as too hard and unnecessary, and he doesn't back down to anyone (At 7'2", nearly 300 lbs, he doesn't really have to). But rather than earning the scorn of opposing teams and referees, he's usually more respected than feared or villianized.

He could fit very well in a half court system that runs on pick and rolls, screens, throwing the ball into the big man and throwing it back out to shooters, and other organized and practiced plays. He's slightly slower than the more agile centers like Macon, but he's got nice footwork and a pretty on-spot hook shot from up to 10 feet. And he's pretty good at getting great position down low, in which case if an alert guard can get him the ball there, he's pretty much unstoppable. The only thing that can be done in that case to stop an inevitable rim-rocking slam dunk is to wrap him up and put him on the line, where he is a catastrophic 44%. That's his main weakness, and if he can get that percentage up, he'd have a greater chance of being a dominant low post force in the future.

But for now, he certainly is able to fill a defensive role and is more than willing to be a big man who does the little things to help his team win. Oh, and guarding the other team's low post threat, even if that player is someone like an Alan Chesuk or a Walter Robinson, is something Roberts is very good at, and he can hold his position and keep other players out of the paint with the best of them.

Projected: TOP 8

Not to put personal style before substance of game or anything, but when one thinks of Evan Ashton, the one who proclaimed himself a "Suuupastaaaa" on the mic during an interview after a game, and who unashamedly admits to wearing a lucky hot pink thong during every game (He Says he washes it each time, but I dunno), the first thing that comes to mind is his flamboyance and his... "self-confidence", we'll say. But before we write him off as an attention-loving narcissist who's made to entertain rather than play ball, it must be realized that he's a projected lottery pick for a reason, and the authenticity of his game is just as undeniable as his apparent sexual preference (which we don't have to wonder about, he complements his male teammates on their rippling abs and rock-hard buns all the time during interviews, though not nearly as much as he compliments himself).

One of Ashton's best assets (and I'd tread lightly on that word around him, or else he may just say "Well, your assets aren't too bad ya'self!") is his court awareness. Offensively, he always takes good shots, and he's very able to get his own, as well as set others up for some. He's good at reading defenses and making his move based on their reactions to him. He also is very aware on the defensive end, as his favorite thing to do is wait in the weeds, so to speak, and jump into passing lanes just as the opponent tries to throw a pass. His steals average is very impressive, and is one of the best ones in the draft.

He's also got a smooth stroke (Gah! Don't say that around him either.) and has very dependable shooting percentages, enough so that he is a good player to depend on when you need a score late in the game. His one-on-one D could use some improving, and he may need to work on being more aggressive with his game to be great, but he is certainly off to a good start and will only get better in time. Now if he can just keep his head from swelling so much that it makes him top-heavy and keep the attention-craving antics from negatively affecting his game and his team, he'll be good.

Strengths: Fantastic Athlete and Jumper, Incredible Potential, Weak Side Defense

Strengths: Interior Defense, Blocking and Defensive Rebounding, Setting Picks and Screens.

Strengths: Offensive and Defensive Awareness, Playing Passing Lanes, Smooth Shooting, Gets His Own Shot.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent Shooting, Lack of Experience and Competition, Erratic at Times. Weaknesses: Free Throws, Any Offensive Game Outside 10 feet, Keeping His Cool. Weaknesses: 1-vs-1 Defense, Being More Aggressive, Arrogance Can Be Distracting.
Likely Destinations: Fusion, Bantams, Spectrums Likely Destinations: Fusion, Spectrums, Rabble Likely Destinations: Rabble, Spectrums, Fusion
Nathan Spinner - Forward Karre Roark - Guard Stripes Quinn - Guard Nathan Robinson - Center
Species - Iguana Species - Coyote Species - Tiger Species - Sidewinder Snake
Nickname - Snapjaw Nickname - Caretaker Nickname - The Striped Effect Nickname - Snake-n-Bake, 2-D
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'6" Height - 6'2" Height - 5'10" Height - 6'11"
Weight - 206 lbs Weight - 187 lbs Weight - 170 lbs Weight - 216 lbs
Birth. - Buenos Aires, Argentina Birthplace - Avondale, AZ Birthplace - Rotherham, UK Birthplace - Corpus Christi, TX
2008-2009 College Stats
40% 68% 21% 15.2 9.4 2.1 1.2 0.8 1.8
2008-2009 College Stats
48% 74% 36% 17.1 4.4 6.6 1.1 0.5 2.0
2008-2009 College Stats
46% 84% 40% 16.3 3.1 8.3 1.4 0.2 2.2
2008-2009 College Stats
43% 80% 30% 17.3 7.5 2.5 0.7 1.2 2.7

Projected: TOP 16

Adding some South American flavor to the draft (only 1 of 2 in the whole pool, and really the only one worth mentioning at this time) is Snapjaw, formally known as Nathan Spinner. He got the name Snapjaw from a tale of when he chomped down on a player in high school and could not be pried off him because of the strength of his jaws. Of course Spinner was suspended for 15 games because of that incident, but the nickname lives on. Although his game is somewhat fitting to the name, because when Nathan Spinner clamps down on you on defense, there's no prying him off you.

Spinner is one of the best lockdown one on one perimeter players in the draft, I venture to say, by a longshot. It is quite apparent he takes special pride in shutting down his opponent, the same way he would snap down on him and never release him. For the few players that can score somewhat consistently on Snapjaw, it takes at least 3 times the effort it would take normally to get a shot in. His D is so smothering, he's also been called "The Blanket" and "The Straightjacket" because it seems like no matter how much you struggle, you can't escape him.

As for his other qualities, he boxes out and rebounds quite well for a player his size. He doesn't have terribly impressive shooting percentages, but he somehow manages to score 15 points a game, probably from rebound putbacks and a somewhat steady 12-15 foot jumper. He bangs down low with ease and can muscle his way to the cup for a layup. He doesn't appear too agile when one watches his offensive game, but he's crafty and strong enough to get his points anyways.

Snapjaw is a pleasure to coach, always giving it everything he's got, whether it's lateral defensive sliding drills, running suicides, or endless shooting drills. He is not, however, a pleasure to play against, as he will try to get in your head as well as in your shirt with his stifling D. Surprisingly, he's not been regarded as a dirty player, as his tactics seem to end at obnoxious mindgames and never really crossover into "trip them when the ref's not looking" territory. All the more reason to want to add this defensive stalwart to your team.

Projected: TOP 16

When you think about what makes a player great, a lot of things stand out. They are great shooters, defensive stoppers, rebounders and blockers, low post threats, playmakers. When one thinks of Karre Roark, it's actually hard to pin down just what it is he's good at. That's probably because he tends to be pretty good at just about everything, yet not spectacular at anything.

Roark is a point guard, and a pretty darn solid one. He shoots well, he handles the ball well, he averages more than 6 assists per game and still gets 17 points a game. He can play a little D and get a few rebounds. He's pretty much your genuine "Jack of All Trades" player. Not much stands out as unique about Roark except for the fact that nothing stands out.

Not like that's a bad thing though. Roark has been nationally recognized as an exceptional do-it-all player for the past two years. He fills up the stat sheet without being flashy or begging for attention. He's not about all that. All Karre Roark is about is winning games, and his team has made it to the Final Four both of the past two years (unfortunately losing in that round both times). But it's clear that Roark is a steady floor captain, and his mates are always happy to man their posts when he's got the ball.

For a player who's only 20 years old, he's got amazing maturity. He knows where to be and when on the floor, and his basketball IQ is exceptional. He can direct traffic, make the smart pass, hit a few jumpshots to keep the defense honest, and just when the other team thinks they have him figured out and they try to deny the pass, he burns by them and takes it to the hole for the layup. His awareness and his ability to read the defense and know what the situation calls for are very outstanding.

There may not be any particular stats that stand out as remarkable about Karre Roark, but one thing's for sure. He is still a remarkable player, and he commands respect, both from his teammates and those who play against him. And almost every time, he gets both.

Projected: TOP 16

The fourth tiger of the projected Top 16, Stripes Quinn is not as well known as his panthera tigris bretheren (JT & the Macon Bros.) but his game is not to overlooked. One of the better shooting and slashing little men in the draft, Stripes can drive around bigger, slower players (being from England, you'd think he'd drive on the left side of the lane, but he can actually go to either side). He can either find a man inside for the layup or drop in one of his patented "tear drop" floaters over bigger defenders. Stripes can also spot up for the 3 and knock it down with admirable consistency, having nailed 40% of his 3 point shots last year.

Stripes isn't really one to take over games, although he did make his British college team click and run like a well oiled machine for 3 years. His well placed dimes and dependable shooting earned him plenty of collegiate recognition in the UK, but not so much in the states at first. Figuring out he was the third leading assist man and fourth ranked in 3 point FGs made when viewed in the same statsheet as the FCAA got him a little more overseas attention. That and his 35 point, 15 assist game against Wales in the British Collegiate Quarter-Finals, which put him on multiple US FBA scouting clipboards.

Stripes is one of the quicker guards in the draft, but he usually doesn't use his quickness to score unless he has to, choosing to be a play maker for his teammates and get them going. But when counted on, he does have the ability to rack up the points if he has to, with an arsenal of crossover moves, scoop layups, jab-and-stepback mid-range jumpers, 3-pointers from anywhere within 5 feet of the 3 point line, and of course his pretty (and lethal) running teardrop in the lane. Being undersized and not too terribly strong, Stripes isn't a superb defender, but he can stay in front of his man pretty well, and he did have a streak of 37 consecutive games with a steal spanning from his Freshman to Sophomore year. Not to mention his assist-to-turnover ratio, being nearly 4:1, is one of the best among collegiate point guards. A team oriented player, Stripes is sure to please any coach whose team has a need for a quick, savvy, pass-first playmaker.

Projected: TOP 16

Nathan Robinson is not your average center. For one, your average center isn't an inch under 7 feet and barely a dime and a nickel over 200 lbs. Then again, your average center doesn't spend much time out on the arc, nor does he slash to the cup from the top of the key, hit turnaround fade-aways from 18 feet, or run the floor with the speed and grace of a guard. No, Nathan Robinson is not your average center, and he doesn't do the things an average center does, but that's what makes him special, and that's why he's one of the more coveted big men in the draft.

Raised playing ball in the SE Texas heat in Corpus Christi, Robinson was the only snake that ever visited the courts with any regularity. There he became accustomed to the run-and-gun ways of the playground, and he felt more comfortable pulling up from 20 feet than he did in the post. There, the ballers called him "2-D", because he had a height and a width, but if he turned to the side, he was so skinny he'd disappear from sight. Later on, he earned a much more flattering nickname, "Snake-n-Bake", named for his special move where he'd turn his back to the basket, shake left, shake right, then turn left and fade away for the shot, which was near impossible to stop.

Robinson's game, in large part, consists of those turnaround fade-away jumpers as well as sliding to the 3 point line and knocking down treys, which speads the floor very well. He also is good on the fast break and will finish with a power slam in transition, as well as go up and get any alley-oops tossed his way. Another added benefit is that he can hit 80% from the foul line, a trait pretty rare for a big man.

However, also unlike an average big man, he only averages 7.5 rebounds a game, both because he spends a lot of time out of the post and because he's too darn skinny and light to really bang with the big boys right now. If he can hit the weight room and hard when he lands on a squad, that number should increase, as should his blocks per game, which are pretty pedestrian for a center. I imagine he'll be playing some PF for whoever snags him until he puts some muscles on that scaley, slim frame of his.

Strengths: Best 1-vs-1 Defense in the Draft, Great Rebounder for Size, Strong and Crafty. Strengths: Pretty Good at Everything, Very Smart with the Ball, A Solid Leader. Strengths: Great Pass-First Ball Distributor, Sharp 3 Point Shooter, Quick as a Flash. Strengths: Very Good Shooting for a Center, Spreads Floor, Fast and Agile on the Break.
Weaknesses: Not That Great at Shooting, Not Many Offensive Moves, Lacks Agility, Weaknesses: Not All That Fast, Nothing Special Defensively, Average Rebounding. Weaknesses: Man Defense Needs Work, Must Get Stronger, Cannot Play Above-the-Rim. Weaknesses: Lacking in Strength, Must Rebound & Block More, Not a Post Presence.
Likely Destinations: Spirits, Alphas, Blanks Likely Destinations: Alphas, Spirits, Blanks Likely Destinations: Blanks, Alphas, Arctics Likely Destinations: Arctics, Alphas, Clefs
Andre Cutsforth - Guard Lance Rex - Forward/Center
Hassan Kamal - Forward/Center
Icarus Cobra-Dragon - Guard
Species - Ferret Species - Komodo Dragon Species - Camel Species - Veiled Cobra-Dragon
Nickname - Cut-U-Up, Agassi Nickname - Carnivore Nickname - Humps Nickname - ICD, Tiny Dancer
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 6'0" Height - 6'11" Height - 6'11" Height - 5'2"
Weight - 170 lbs Weight - 293 lbs Weight - 270 lbs Weight - 136 lbs
Birthplace - Providence, RI Birthplace - Portland, OR Birthplace - Khénifra, Morocco Birthplace - Congers, NY
2008-2009 College Stats
42% 77% 36% 15.3 4.1 7.6 1.2 0.2 3.7
2008-2009 College Stats
59% 55% 0% 8.1 14.2 0.9 0.3 3.4 1.8
2008-2009 College Stats
48% 74% 0% 13.2 9.4 4.2 0.8 1.6 1.4
2008-2009 College Stats
43% 83% 35% 15.5 1.1 6.2 2.0 0.0 1.5

Projected: TOP 16

Andre Cutsforth is a very exciting and talented player with a flashy, streetball-like style and swagger that is sure to extract the Oohs and Ahhs from the crowd on a nightly basis. His flair for making the epic no-look behind-the-back pass or dropping a through-the-legs bounce-pass to a half-expecting trailing teammate is surely a golden ticket to becoming a quick fan favorite. However, his dependability when it comes to simply running a team efficiently and making the smart play when it counts has a few GMs choosing to play it safe and not take a gamble on the flashy young point guard.

Although his stats and history seem to point to 'Yes' when it comes to running a team, some with insider knowledge of Andre Cutsforth the furson say he's got some growing up to do. A few site his focus on individual stats and impressing onlookers over winning ball games. Still others say he does want to win, but he needs a coach who can reel him in and get him to be a dependable, consistent playmaker while not fully cramping the style of play he excels at. His statement during an interview following a tough loss due to an errant pass of his summarizes it nicely, in which Cutsforth states plainly, "If I'd throw a behind-the-back pass in the first half up 20, I'm gonna throw a behind-the-back pass with the game tied and 4 seconds left. That's my game, that's how I get people the ball. It didn't work out this time, but it is what it is. I gotta play my game."

Still though, even with the issue of maturity, the sheer skills cannot be overlooked. Behind-the-back passes or not, this ferret earns almost 8 assists a game to go along with 15 points, 4 rebounds and a steal. He can drive, he can run, he can shoot (decently enough for someone who has a tendancy to make shots more difficult than they need to be) and he can either throw a pass through 3 defenders with either paw and some backspin or hit a behind-the-back passes to a streaking teammate with his tail, so if that raw talent can be reeled in and contained, Andre Cutsforth is going to be something to behold in the near future. Just don't make the mistake of thinking his game is all flash and no substance, because this ferret hears his critics and he's out to prove them wrong.

Projected: TOP 16

Every team would like to have that rock in the middle, that anchor that holds down the fort defensively and clogs the middle, making it tough for little guards and overly cocky forwards to trot into the lane and get easy lay-ups. And for a lot of teams, Lance Rex is that rock. Ok, he moves about as fast and as much as a rock, but he does clog the lane. That and the only sentient being that grabbed more rebounds in the FCAA than him last year is most likely going in the Top 5.

Rex is what you'd refer to as a specialist. He does only one or two specific things, but he does them very well. In his case, it's grab boards and swat shots. His 14.2 rebounds per game was second in the FCAA only to Donell Macon, and he led even Macon in offensive rebounds with 8 a game. His 3.4 blocks is also in the Top 4 in the FCAA last year, and he was last year's runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year. Of course he did lead the FCAA in one thing: 3 second violations.

It's fair to call to call Rex a little one dimensional, but if your team is missing that piece of the puzzle, one dimension is all you need. If your team needs a big body that takes up space, vacuums up any ball that bounces off the rim or sends a lot of inside shots back to sender or into the 5th row, Rex might be your guy.

However, he has a laundry list of flaws, including his poor free throw percentage (55%), his slow-motion footwork, and his negligible contributions on offense other than dunks and lay-ups. Although to be fair, he does get a decent amount of those (the reason why his FG% is so high), and he's so big, he's not hard to find under the goal. And once he does end up with the ball within 5 feet of the basket, there's nothing you can do but foul him hard and hope he doesn't get the ball over his head. He isn't one to get a lot of touches on offense, so he doesn't get assists, and his hands are too slow to get steals without fouling. He does have excellent interior defense and is nearly impossible to back down, but he has trouble keeping more quick and agile players from going around him. However, he sets a mean pick and is a ton of laughs on the team bus, and that's got to count for something.

Projected: TOP 16

A classic example of your blue-collar workhorse type of player, Kamal does all the little things to get the job done, and he doesn't mind getting his hooves dirty doing it. Whether it's setting that high screen, boxing out under the rim, diving on the floor, or mixing it up with the strongest, toughest guys in the league, Kamal will do what it takes to get the victory for his team.

Often going unrecognized for his contributions, Kamal is happy being an extra in the background quietly toiling away or being widely praised for his grit and effort. It doesn't matter to him. The only thing that matters to Kamal is winning, and he makes this very well known in the locker room and on the floor, yelling and rambling in a thick, Moroccan accent that is very tough to understand. Many feel that Kamal is nearly a shoe-in to be a coach one day, and his maturity and leadership have progressed well beyond his 20 years. But for the job at hand, his skills on the court, mixed with his never-say-die attitude and his veteran-esque leadership are a good combination for a solid FBA player whose head and heart are fully emersed in the game.

Kamal (or 'Humps' as he is affectionately, if not uncreatively titled by his teammates) uses his broad body to earn himself 13 points and 9 rebounds a game, and he is very physically ready to take on the FBA's strongest players right now. He trusts his teammates and blends in with any team-based system, as evidenced by his 4 assists a game, quite the feat for a center. He can step up and knock down the midrange shot, spin and score from the block, or get the alley-oop. He helps set his teammates up for success with his communication, encouragement, picks, screens, and ball movement, and will go down fighting for the ball or against any opponent.

Because he is so young and barks commands like a seasoned vet, many speculate Kamal might have a bit of an ego problem. He demands respect, but he has yet to earn his stripes in the league. However, the sacrifices he makes every game for his team should speak against any indication of selfishness. Besides, with all the passion he plays with every game, he'll get his before long.

Projected: TOP 16

Icarus Cobra-Dragon has the distinguishability of being the shortest player (other than the incomparably short Linda Biggs) in the FBA Draft this year (He's also known for wearing a veil over his face before, during and after games, which he describes as bringing him good luck. It also explains what the heck a "Veiled Cobra Dragon" is). At 5'2", 121 lbs, ICD is easily overlooked out on the floor, but that works to his advantage. He can creep up to people without them even knowing they're there and swipe the ball right out of their paws. And he's so small and so very quick, guarding him is like trying to catch a fly with your bare paw. So while he'll never jump over or power through anybody, he's quite likely to dash around, or even under them.

Being small is nothing new to Cobra-Dragon. He's been a runt his entire life. But between battling his 5 older, larger brothers growing up and balling with the local Congers, NY blacktop crew, ICD has learned how to play big despite being small. He's got an extremely high arching rainbow jumpshot and has perfected the running teardrop over taller players, as well as a variety of jabs, jukes, fakes, spins and scoops to get his shot around all the big paws waiting to slap his shot like a 5th grader rejecting a kindergardener. His ball handling is among the best in the draft, probably not unrelated to the fact that he's so much closer to the ground than everyone else, and he's become very adept at creating space for himself so he can get his shot off without being blocked, a skill that's allowed him to score rather efficiently despite his small stature.

As you might could guess, ICD's game is pretty exclusively below the rim. He can't even get a finger on the rim with his best jump, and he is the only player in the FCAA to have never recorded a block. He does, however, get 2 steals a game from being sneaky and taking the ball from players while they're not looking (and often times while they are looking). He's also not the easiest to get around when he's on defense, because while he may be small and petite, his quickness and ability to move well laterally allows him to stay in front of his man (even if his man ends up bowling him over in the process). ICD also is quite gifted in doing what point guards are supposed to do... pass. His 6+ APG attest to his ball distributing abilities, and he can thread the needle with the best of them. He may be small, (yes, we get it) but when it comes to talent and heart, ICD stands as tall as anyone.

Strengths: Making the Spectacular Pass, Mad Ball-Handling Skills, Limitless Shooting Range Strengths: Rebounding Machine, Superb Shot Blocker, Unstoppable Under the Rim. Strengths: Very Physical Down Low, Displays Great Leadership, Intangibles and Hustle. Strengths: Very Quick, Can Get His Shot Off Around Bigger Players, Gets Sneaky Steals.
Weaknesses: Erratic and Wild, Turnover Prone, Maturity & Playing to the Situation. Weaknesses: Quite Slow, A Liability on Offense, Tendency to Get in Foul Trouble. Weaknesses: Can Get Overly Aggressive, Can't Create His Own Shot, A Bit Controlling. Weaknesses: Completely Ground-Bound, Doesn't Rebound Often, Easy to Shoot Over
Likely Destinations: Clefs, Taproots, Arctics Likely Destinations: Mudpuppies, Taproots, Mounties Likely Destinations: Taproots, Mounties, Mudpuppies Likely Destinations: Mounties, Taproots, Minutemen
Ian Histon - Guard Ryan Thatcher - Guard/Forward
Carlos Syevens-Quiles - Forward
Xau Xian-Xu - Center
Species - Leopard Species - American Beaver Species - Calico Cat Species - Octopus
Nickname - Skates Nickname - Chucky Nickname - Charlie Nickname - Triple-X, Tentacles
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Androgynous
Height - 5'9" Height - 6'6" Height - 6'6" Height - 7'1"
Weight - 170 lbs Weight - 202 lbs Weight - 232 lbs Weight - 260 lbs
Birthplace - Bowling Green, OH Birthplace - Bunkerville, NV Birth. - San Pedro Sulo, Honduras Birth. - Nam Pin Wai, Hong Kong
2008-2009 College Stats
49% 79% 41% 14.2 2.3 5.6 1.2 0.2 0.8
2008-2009 College Stats
43% 66% 35% 10.4 8.4 3.2 1.7 1.1 1.1
2008-2009 College Stats
43% 61% 28% 13.4 6.2 2.1 0.4 1.6 2.5
2008-2009 College Stats
23% 11% 0% 2.6 11.2 1.5 4.2 6.1 2.1

Projected: TOP 24

Ian Histon is a solid guard who can work the point or man the wing as a 2 guard, and even though he is only 5'9", his quick footwork allows him to keep in front of bigger guards on defense and keep them from using him as a turnstile. With one of the nicest, smoothest looking jumpshots in the draft (and I don't say that lightly), Skates takes great pride in knocking down the open jumper or the midrange shot with a man in his face. All he needs is a inch of leeway, and he'll light you up from anywhere on the court.

Probably the only thing better than his shooting skills are his ballhandling skills. Now most people have seen a basketball player dribble 3 balls before, as it's a somewhat standard drill. I've seen this guy dribble 5. He can go behind his back, over his back and under his legs, cross over in front from left, to right, to left, all in 2 seconds. Yes, the boy's got some dribbling skills. And here's something that's even more impressive... dude gets less than a turnover a game! He does not turn the ball over, which just goes to show you how accurate and masterful he is with his dribbling.

Even though he has the skills to pay the bills when it comes to dribbling, his passes are usually very direct and nothing too fancy, which is probably because he values his assist to turnover ratio (which is 7:1, in case anyone was curious). Still though, there's nothing at all wrong with simple, clean, crisp passes, especially since some of the best assisters in league history never threw a behind the back pass.

As for defense, yes he is quite quick with his feet, and he doesn't let people drive by him with any great ease. But occassionally, he tends to slack a little bit on defense to preserve energy for offense, as he usually enjoys running a very up tempo game. He's already lost 30 pounds since Freshman year, just from running so much on the court and in the gym. He runs about 5 miles a day unless the coach tells him to take a break. But I digress...

Defensively, he can be good, but he tends to be inconsistent because he's working on his conditioning and at 170lbs, he gets banged around a lot. His quickness allows him to stay in front of opposing guards most of the time, but he tends to have a lot of difficulty going through or around picks and screens, so once someone sets a screen on him, he's pretty much toast. That and he doesn't have enough weight to guard anyone in the post. He's usually quick enough to poke away a ball or two for a steal, and of course his speed will have him down the court before the other player even realizes the ball is gone.

And, in speaking a little bit of Ian's personality and personal style (like his shoulder-length blonde hair bedazzled with colored beads combined with a sophisticated pair of wire frame glasses), there is something about him that's quite unique when it comes to his fashion sense... he's a Huge fan of Kilts. Scottish Kilts of all kinds! He wears them in the locker room, before games, during interviews after games, and while running drills in practice if he can get away with it (Doesn't work for scrimmages because there's too much..... bumping and grinding). Whoever gets Skates will certainly be getting a bit more excitement in the locker room for sure, not to mention a great ball-handling talent.

Projected: TOP 24

Ryan, or "Chucky" Thatcher enjoys getting under people's fur. I mean, he doesn't love talking trash or anything, and is generally pretty reserved and quiet. But on the court, it's how he plays that gets on many furs' nerves. He's like an itch you can't scratch, or a rash that doesn't respond to recommendated medicated ointments. He just doesn't go away, and he doesn't let you get where you want to go. As a matter of fact, he even has the ability to get you to go where He wants you to go.

With a long, dirty brown ponytail, a bit of unkempt facial hair, an unmuscular, unimpressive build, and a goofy bucktooth smile to go along with his meek and reserved, yet kind and polite demeanor off the court, one would never guess that Chucky can be as irriatingly apathetic to the concept of one's personal space as he is on the basketball floor. Yet that's how he knows how to win, so that's what he does. He may be a nice guy and all, but if mercilessly hounding the opposing team's best player is how to get results, then Thatcher is all for that. However, he very rarely fouls the other player, he's just the living, breathing epitome of the kid holding a finger a couple of centimeters from your face, saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you..."

He takes pride in guarding the best players in the league and pestering them into taking less than desired shots. He doesn't have much spare weight, but he throws it around every once in a while to keep players from driving past him. He's also quick and agile enough to actually record some defensive stats in the midst of all this 'intangible' hustle play, recording close to two steals and a block a game.

Although defense is his bread and butter, he is not without offensive ability. He's a great offensive rebounder and is very crafty around the basket, with a tiny arsenal of baby hooks, pump fakes and put-backs. He also loves to slip back to the arc in the corner when nobody is looking and spot up waiting for an astute guard to drive in and kick him the ball for an open three pointer. He's hit some big shots this way, as the other team almost never expects him to get the ball and take the shot, much less make it. His anonymity on the offensive end is a weapon he makes good use of when the time is right.

Also, although he doesn't get many assists, he's got one of the better outlet passes around. He can grab a defensive rebound, turn in midair on the way down and fire a two pawed, over the head soccer-throw-in pass all the way down the court and hit a streaking teammate with pinpoint precision. He does this at least once a game, it seems. He also does have a nice hustle streak, and he does the little things to help his team win, like set screens and picks (though he isn't bulky enough to keep opponents from bowling him over trying to get through the picks).

One of the things Chucky needs to work on is his midrange jumper, as well as his free throws. It would seem as if he's so used to taking that open three pointer or the little gimme shots around the rim that he can't judge the distance very well when it's somewhere in between. However, that's what he's known for anyways, and as long as he plays his trademark smothering D, he will always have a place in the league.

Projected: TOP 24

The Central-American Super Cat, Carlos Syevens Quiles is one very high flyer, and quite an explosive package of athleticism and agility. Born and bred in the dirty streets on Honduras, Carlos studied first the art of the dunk, looking up to all the greatest high-flyers and slammers of the FBA at the time. So when he dunked for the first time as a sprightly young 8th grader, then only 5'8", everyone knew this kid had a bright future, or as bright as any Honduran could have.

His exposure to basketball was limited to old magazines on classroom shelves and his first dunk was on a packing crate tacked 10 feet high on the side of a telephone pole (not that real hoops didn't exist there, he just couldn't afford to join the rec center, and the school's hoops were in bad shape). Hey, it wasn't a glamorous start, but at least it was a start.

To expand more on Carlos's background, he was raised in extreme poverty and had to resort to sell pirated DVDs and CDs to tourists to get by, as well as living off of scraps of fish from the back of a local restaurant. Basketball was his only escape from the harshness of everyday life, so he took to it with passion and determination. He was able to get to college only because of a basketball scholarship, and it was there that his game expanded.

Still a master of rimrocking dunks, impossible windmill jams and roof-scraping alley-oops, playing college ball taught him a few things, such as how to shoot the ball properly (he taught himself a very awkward shooting style early on in life, and you know what they say about old habits). Needless to say, he's still got a little ways to go on that to get it consistent and flowing. His jumping ability helps him greatly with things like blocking and rebounding, since he doesn't need as much good timing if he can hang in the air for 3 seconds and go over the heads of most everyone else. That, and like most cats, his reflexes are extraordinary, and he can react to passes, dribbles and moves in the blink of an eye. He has good natural awareness which allow him to not react to pump fakes, and to turn and move based on what the defense gives him. His ability to read defenders is how he gets to the rim so easily for his monster jams, and he can react to the jumping defender in a split second to move the ball and avoid getting blocked.

Something he's not used to from playing in the streets of Honduras is staying out of foul trouble. Each new league he plays in has stricter rules about fouling than the previous one, so he's constantly having to adjust his playing style to meet those requirements. He also doesn't quite understand exactly how to move without the ball effectively, either running in circles along the baseline, back up to the top, and over again, or staying put near the 3 point line and observing, even though his 3 point ability leaves a bit to be desired.

However, he seems to be learning pretty quickly, and his determination to succeed and achieve a lifestyle that will help him support his poor mother and father, who still live in the middle of Honduras in a shack with no running water, will ensure that he continues to work hard every day and eventually reach his full potential. I'm quite sure he'll make Mother and Father proud.

Projected: TOP 24

Triple-X is without a doubt the oddest, most unique and inconceivable treasure in this year's draft. A far Eastern import, he (we'll go ahead and say "he") is the only completely androgynous player on known record. Whereas herms have both sets of sexual organs, team doctors confirm that Xau Xian-Xu (pronounced Jyow Jyan Zoo) has none at all. While that's interesting and all, his gender (or lack thereof) doesn't affect the game nearly as much as the 4 lengthy tentacles that protrude from his upper torso.

XXX has 4 rubbery appendages on his upper half and 4 on his lower half (essentially 4 'arms' and 4 'legs' so to speak). At this point in time, the FBA doesn't have any rules against players using whatever extra apendages God gave them to aid their game as long as it doesn't harm or unreasonably disrupt the opposing player (no claws, beaks, or whisker-poking) and is not so unfair that it is indefensible (birds can't just take the ball and fly up over the hoop and drop it in). So far, nothing has been said regarding the use of XXX's extra limbs in the FBA or in his native Hong Kong, but it is uncertain whether something will have to be done about it in the future.

With these two extra 'arms' and their sticky suction cups, XXX has been able to average 6 (that's right, SIX) blocks a game and 4 steals a game! He holds all kinds of Asian (and would-be FBA and FCAA) defensive records, including single game records of 22 blocks and 18 steals (on separate occasions). It just makes sense that with 4 arms, there are at least two more obstacles to pass the ball around (throwing in an inbounds pass with XXX in the way? Not easy). That and his tentacles slither and squirm everywhere and are very good at poking balls (*AHEM* ... Basketballs...), swatting shots out of the air, and gathering loose balls off the floor. They are truly XXX's biggest asset, and they allow him to do things no other player can do. Of course the suction cups make it really impossible to get a good rotation on any shot, so that explains the horrible shooting percentages, though he is usually good for a dunk or two throughout the game. Lay ups are iffy, as he has to jerk his 'hand' away to get the suction cup off of the ball, and usually that redirects it and ruins any chance for a gimme unless it's a dunk.

So why is it, if XXX is a remarkable and record-setting defensive master, that he is not ranked higher on our draft predictions? Well, for one, he's a relative unknown, recently bursting onto the FBA radar a couple of months ago when a scout heard about some "Chinese Octopus" in the Far East and had to go see for himself. The second reason is his rubbery limbs and no real bones to speak of, which make him a bit more fragile than other players. Finally, but very importantly, some FBA scouts and journalists believe that XXX's extra limbs will be deemed unfair in the FBA and that he would end up an underachieving "2 armed" player. But hey, if tails and tongues and sticky fingers are allowed (Reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Doral uses all 3) then why not tentacles and suction cups? All I'm saying is that although some FBA minds don't want to take the chance, XXX has the potential to be quite the draft day steal if selected by the right team, and is more than likely to be a defensive virtuoso no matter how many tentacles he's allowed to use.

Strengths: Ball-Handling Wizard, Smooth as Silk Jumpshot, Doesn't Turn the Ball Over. Strengths: Pesky, Blanketing D w/o Fouling, Open Corner Threes, Pinpoint Outlet Passes. Strengths: Jumping and Dunking, Quick Reactions, Very Aware of Surroundings. Strengths: Difficult to Pass Around, Superb Defensive Awareness, Blocks & Steals Master.
Weaknesses: Can't Guard Against Picks, Sometimes Slacks on D, Easy to Push Around. Weaknesses: Midrange Shooting, Free-Throws, Needs to Bulk Up More, Weaknesses: Must Improve Shooting, Moving Without the Ball, Prone to Foul Trouble. Weaknesses: No Shooting Ability, Kind of Frail, Lacks Strength to Bang Down Low.
Likely Destinations: Minutemen, Whips, Howlers Likely Destinations: Howlers, Bikers, Whips Likely Destinations: Minutemen, Bikers, Firestorm Likely Destinations: Whips, Minutemen, Bikers
Vishnu Cross - Guard Silvia Windcreek - Guard
Eric Logan - Center
Theodore Sanftner - Guard
Species - Grey Tuxedo Cat Species - Silver Hare Species - Bull Elephant Species - Prairie Dog
Nickname - Don't Blink Nickname - Fae Flicker Nickname - After Shock Nickname - Silent Ted
Gender - Male Gender - Herm Gender - Male Gender - Male
Height - 5'11" Height - 6'2" Height - 7'3" Height - 5'9"
Weight - 166 lbs Weight - 206 lbs Weight - 332 lbs Weight - 175 lbs
Birthplace - Hull, MA Birthplace - Calgary, AB Birthplace - Austin, TX School - Underwood College
2008-2009 College Stats
44% 81% 35% 15.7 3.2 2.4 1.4 0.3 3.1
2008-2009 College Stats
50% 88% 44% 14.6 3.5 3.7 0.8 0.6 1.1
2008-2009 College Stats
53% 51% 0% 9.6 10.7 0.9 0.5 2.7 2.5
2008-2009 College Stats
51% 80% 42% 14.1 2.8 4.1 0.9 0.1 1.8

Projected: TOP 24

Vishnu Cross has a very interesting game, and an even more interesting nickname. "Don't Blink" is a name given to him by some of the guys he used to scrimmage against at the basketball camps he's attended since he was 15. Decoding the name is simple though. If you're unfortunate enough to be tasked with the responsibility of guarding him, and you blink, he's gone. If you turn your head, he's already at the rim. If you don't keep an eye on him when you're dribbling the ball upcourt, he'll take your cookies faster than you can feel the breeze passing by you from where he used to be. This cat is fast. Crafty and fast. And that's a dangerous combination.

Known for having one of the quickest first steps you've seen from a college player, Cross uses his slight frame and quick reflexes to zoom around (or even under) opposing players in the blink of an eye. He's very good at slashing to the basket and reacting to defenders who try to collapse on him in the paint. He enjoys crossing over, spinning, and using any tricks he can to get around players and create just enough space for him to toss in a fadeaway J in the lane, scoop a pretty layup high off the backboard under flailing arms, or even get a good couple of steps in the lane and rise high up for the flush one some poor fur's cranium.

He has an array of dribbling moves to get his own shot, and he's as exciting a player to watch as you can pick off this list. But he really has yet to utilize his skills to make his teammates better. When he gets drafted, that team should be prepared to receive a shooting guard with excellent dribble/penetration skills who dominates the ball so much that teammates might as well grab a cup of tea while they wait for him to shoot. He can't be a point guard because he doesn't like to pass, and he doesn't really look for the open man. His college coach found that out when he had him starting at PG, only to discover his team assists had reached 15 or less total for all 3 games Cross was at the position, upon the realization of which he was quickly shifted to 2-guard. If a coach can get him to pass the ball when defenses collapse on him instead of contorting himself for the more difficult shot, he has the potential to really shine in the FBA.

He's also on the small side, and unlike some players who barely miss the 6 foot mark, he rarely ventures into the lane (or even inside the 3 point arc) to grab rebounds. He's got a decent jumpshot with good form that could use some practice to truly perfect, and he most definitely uses his craftiness on the defensive end, jumping out of nowhere into passing lanes for steals and sneaking up behind players when they're not looking and swiping the ball. Now if someone can teach him that a 3-1 fast break does not mean that there are just 2 more people to witness him try and get around the other player, he'll be on the track to becoming a solid addition to someone's roster.

Projected: TOP 24

There are no females in the projected first round of the 2009 FBA Draft (strangely enough) but out of everyone predicted to go in the top 24, Silvia Windcreek comes the closest. Those who aren't in the 'know' or don't have a medical report in front of them would take one look at Silvia and quickly assume shi is female, and understandably so. Silvia is cute and curvy, with all the appropriate 'female' parts and characteristics. But as every FBA fan should know by now, looks can be deceiving.

Silvia is indeed a hermaphrodite, which as most people are aware, means shi has the full package, so to speak... and I really shouldn't have to elaborate further than that. Let's just say shi's complete with Ta-Ta's, Hoo-Hah, and a Ding-Dong too. And now I've already said too much... But speaking of the full package, let's talk about hir game, shall we?

Silvia is mainly a sharp-shooter, and hir offensive game consists mainly of running around the 3 point line, spotting up when the ball goes inside and waiting for the ball to be kicked out so shi can knock down the trey. And with the consistency shi knocks down that longball (an astonishing 44%) that is quite a nice little weapon to have on one's squad, especially late in games, where shi's hit hir share of big shots. Shi's also practically automatic at the charity stripe, hitting a whopping 88% of hir free throw attempts. And shi's one of the few guards that hits 50% or more of hir shot attempts from the floor.

However, one of the more astute FBA statophiles may notice that hir game and stats closely resemble that of female baller and early 2nd round prediction, Nicolette Robespierre, the 5'8" French foxie fem. Besides getting three points more than Nicky per game and swapping a couple more rebounds for a couple less assists, what gives the herm hare the nod? Well, for one, Shi's a shooter, not a dribbler, so hir turnovers are much lower. And the biggest difference between the two (other than... well, you know) is that although Nicky gets 0.6 more steals a game than Silvia, the hare has much more size and can keep opposing guards at bay much easier and much more often than the French foxie. And believe me, at the end of the day, the points allowed difference really points to Windcreek's favor. And even though it doesn't show up on the statsheet, it really does make a huge difference in the outcome, sometimes big enough to mean a W rather than an L.

So in summary, Silvia Windcreek can shoot lights out, from pretty much anywhere. Silvia Windcreek can defend pretty well and stay in front of hir opponent. And Silvia Windcreek has a beautiful smile, volumptuous hips and a face that seems as innocent as a newborn bunny. But the moral of the story when it comes to Silvia Windcreek, don't judge a book by its cover, because you will get a lot more than you bargained for.

Projected: TOP 24

Like most of the centers on first round list, Eric Logan is good at defense. The Big Pachyderm gets nearly 3 blocks a game, clogs the lane like a pomeranian's fur clogs the bathtub drain, and pulls down double digit boards daily. However, he's a little bit further down on our list than other big centers that do the same thing because A) He doesn't do it quite as well or as much as they do, and B) He's still a little bit clumsy and could stand to improve his coordination on both ends of the floor.

Now don't get me wrong. It takes a lot of coordination to time blocked shots right, and getting up there to get the rebound just as it's falling off the rim is a talent not everyone possesses. However, if you've seen him with the ball on offense, you've seen how he tends to have trouble getting all his body parts to commit to the same motion at the same time. He does have a couple of very basic and useful moves down low, and actually boasts a somewhat decent spot-up 8-12 footer, which skeptical defenders usually give him (though he shoots with a two-handed, lob over his head kind of shot... Hey, you try shooting with two big, flat hoof-like things for hands) and he actually has a couple of impressive moves involving his trunk, which appears to be a lot more agile and coordinated than the rest of him. I've never seen someone consistently make a sky-hook shot with his trunk like Logan does. But I think it's safe to say that on the offensive side of things, Logan has potential to be a low-post threat, but he's quite the work in progress as of now.

One of Logan's biggest flaws, which isn't his fault, is that he doesn't have the best hands for gripping the basketball. He's kinda got a mix between normal hands and hooves, so his fingers don't really have much for range of motion. As such, he does have a very unorthodox two-handed over-the-head shot, and that makes shooting and field goals pretty difficult. He pulls it off as well as can be expected, hitting about 1-2 every time at the line and shots up to 12 feet from the rim, but he can likely be taught to shoot a more efficient shot. Also, if you've ever heard that elephants are the only mammal that can't jump, well you're pretty much right. Logan has little to no vertical leap, which means he depends a lot on his height to help him rebound and defend. However, sadly, he is one of the FCAA's favorite "Poster Boys", which is not a good thing. There's nothing a high-rising dunker loves more than seeing an open lane and Eric Logan standing in the paint, because that means a poster-worthy slam is coming up.

Logan does have a nice little asset though. At 332 lbs, his massive bulk allows him to move people out of the lane pretty easily for the most part. He is very good at boxing out and keeping opposing centers from backing him down. He really is a top-notch interior defender. It's just that when people get a running start against him and get a good jump, well, the results tend to not be all that pretty.

Projected: TOP 24

Hailing from the prestigious Underwood College program, Teddy Sanftner happens to be the best guard available out of Underwood College's 5 guards who declared for this year's draft. His numbers are better, and he's proven to be the most consistent shooter out of the the UC bunch, 4 out of 5 of which are under 6 feet tall. However, not only is this soft-spoken prairie dog one of the best shooters to come out of Underwood, he's also one of the best shooters in the draft, period. It's just the other stuff that holds him back, as he's been called a one-trick pony... er... rodent, before.

Because of his size and his extremely passive nature, Silent Ted (called that because it's very rare for even his teammates to hear him speak out, on the court, in the locker room... anywhere. When Silent Ted does speak, it gets everyone's attention) isn't that great at guarding bigger, stronger guards. It almost seems like he doesn't want to invade their personal space, as he rarely gets up close on his guy unless the coach demands it. He can move his feet and cut off his opponent's path to the basket, but he's too easy to blow past, post up, and shoot over. However, he is pretty good at drawing charges, and that is one defensive skill that has served him quite well. It's a common sight to see him slide out of nowhere to take a charge, or at least run into someone and fall down. He sells it pretty well though, so he often fools the refs into making the call.

As for the offensive end, Teddy is one of the best shooters available in the draft. In fact, despite there being a couple of shooters with a higher percentage from 3 than him, he is the winner of the FCAA Three-Point Contest this last year, with an impressive 9 shot streak to pull off the victory over Silvia Windcreek. Teddy is pretty clutch himself, and if his team needs a big shot, he will take it and often make it. He's not really one to get his own shot though, and he'd rather take a shot from 30 feet out than make a dribble move and create a shot from 20. This can be attributed to his passiveness, but also his confidence in his ability to shoot from far.

But really, Ted's quick enough to get to where he wants on the court, he just prefers to spot up and isn't as strong shooting off the dribble. He has a high arching shot that gets over most defender's paws, and he has excellent concentration, allowing him to not be distracted when defenders come flying at him. That's probably why he was 3rd in the FCAA in 4 point plays (getting fouled and still making the 3 pointer), and that, of course, lends to his ability to make big shots under pressure.

Also, in speaking about Sanftner's unwillingness to shoot from inside, that doesn't mean he never ventures inside. He did play quite a bit of point in college (most of the guards there can play either PG or SG) and does penetrate the lane and dish the ball from there. He just doesn't shoot from there unless he's wide open which is something his coach and teammates will have to convince him to do over time.

Strengths: Incredibly Quick and Crafty, Slashing & Scoring in Traffic, Gets Own Shot Strengths: Shoots High % From Everywhere, Hits Clutch Shots, Reliable Defender Strengths: Blocking and Rebounding, Great Interior Post Defender, Nice Trunk Hook Shot Strengths: Excellent Shooter From Deep, Plays Well Under Pressure, Draws Charges.
Weaknesses: Dominates Ball Too Much, Goes 1 vs 1 Too Much, Shady Shot Selection Weaknesses: Strictly an Outside Threat, Can't Get Own Shot, Not Very Aggressive Weaknesses: Lacks Mobility and Agility, Can't Grip the Ball Well, Poor FT Shooter. Weaknesses: Afraid of Shooting From Inside, Not a Great Defender, Way Too Passive
Likely Destinations: Firestorm, Pride, Thrust Likely Destinations: Pride, Firestorm, Mayors Likely Destinations: Mayors, Pride, Thrust Likely Destinations: Thrust, Mayors, Sand Dollars (2nd Round)
Player Summaries
(The tl;dr rundown of the projected first round picks)
Pos. Name Summary Pos. Name Summary
G Klaus Korber Disciplined, Structured Player Who Can Score and Passes Very Well. G Andre Cutsforth Quick and Flashy. Outstanding Passing, Great Range. Lacks Maturity.
G JTigerclaw Athletic, Flashy Player. Superb Passing, Great Shooting & Defense. F/C Lance Rex Excellent Rebounder/Shot-Blocker. Strong. Very Slow, Poor Shooting.
G Jeff Random Strong Guard Who Drives Lane Fearlessly, Scores and Draws Fouls. F/C Hassan Kamal Hustling, Physical Guy. Great Leader. Good Teamwork, Fundamentals.
C Donell Macon Agile, Quick Center. Good Offense, Superb Rebounding and Blocking. G Icarus Cobra-Dragon Tiny/Quick, Sneaky Stealer, Good Passer & Dribbler. Crafty Shooter.
F Desmond Macon Smooth, Laid-Back Scoring Natural. Great Shooter in Clutch. G Ian Histon Awesome Ball-Handler, Smooth Shot, Low TO, Quick and Sneaky.
F Alan Murphy Bigtime Leaper and Dunker. Young, Athletic and Raw. Great Blocking. G/F Ryan Thatcher Lockdown, Perimeter D. Hits Open 3. Good Off. Rebound & Passing.
C Samuel Roberts Big Strong Guy w/ Great Reb, Block, and Int. Def. Bit of a Hothead. F Carlos Syevens Quiles High-Rising Dunker, Great Reflexes, Awareness. Athletic. Shaky Shot.
F Evan Ashton Flamboyant Prankster, Great Shooting, Off/Def Awareness & Steals. C Xau Xian-Xu Grade A Blocks/Steals. Great Defense/Rebounds. No Offensive Skill.
F Nathan Spinner Lockdown, Perimeter Defender. Good Inside Scorer, Crafty, Strong. G Vishnu Cross Crafty, Fast Slasher. Great Dribbler/Scorer. Doesn't Pass Enough.
G Karre Roark Pretty Good at Everything, High B-Ball IQ, Great Passer and Leader. G Silva Windcreek Outstanding 3pt Shooter. Decent Defender. Clutch. Great Shooting %'s.
G Stripes Quinn Quick, Pass-First PG. Excellent Shooter/Slasher. Good Steals. C Eric Logan Big, Strong. Great Rebounds/Blocks, Interior Def. Awkward Offense.
C Nathan Robinson Quick, Spot Up Shooting Center. Quick, Agile, Not A Post Player. G Theodore Sanftner Excellent Long-Range Shooter. Passive and Meek. Draws Charges.
On The Cusp
(borderline first round picks, likely early second round picks)
First Name
Last Name
2008-2009 College Stats
Additional Notes
Cocker Spaniel
Canis Lupus Central Community College
45% 76% 35% 13.2 3.4 4.5 0.5 0.6 3.3
Could Possibly Sneak Into the First Round. A Solid Offensive Player With Good Work Ethic.
Cannes, France
48% 90% 45% 11.5 1.5 5.6 1.5 0.1 2.3
Speedy and Sneaky... and Sexy! Passes and Shoots with Grace and Style. Rather Frail Though.
Eurasian Lynx
Larissa, Greece
41% 78% 26% 12.6 4.3 2.2 1.0 1.1 2.8
An Explosive Scorer With the Ball. Able Defender. Needs to Learn To Trust Teammates.
Twinfalls, ID
51% 89% 40% 13.8 3.2 3.9 1.1 0.2 2.1
Excellent Long Ball Shooter. Easier to Penetrate than Paper (on Defense and Off the Court)
76er, The Prez
Washington DC
52% 66% 0% 11.6 8.2 1.2 0.2 1.8 3.4
Solid Interior Defensive Presence. Good Timing. Needs to Learn How to Box-Out.
Das Feeper
Cal State Northridge
38% 70% 12% 10.0 5.3 2.4 0.6 0.3 2.4
Only tried out for one team, the Rabble. Other teams question his seriousness.
The Parched
Grey Kangaroo
Melbourne, Australia
40% 69% 38% 9.8 6.1 1.3 1.0 1.5 1.6
Great Vertical Leap. Raw Fundamental Skills. Needs to Work Out More.
Underwood College
39% 76% 25% 8.8 2.7 4.9 1.4 0.1 2.0
Has Shown Good Court Sense in Limited Minutes. Jumpshot is Inconsistent at Best.